Friday, January 4, 2008

Not My Favourite.

Every once in a while, when reading another blog, I see they have been requested to do a meme. Kendall did put me on the spot one time with ten questions but so far I have been lucky to avoid them. The reason I don't do them is because the questions are usually about what is your favorite colour, food or CD you listen to. My problem is I don't really have a favourite anything and I think the questions would not represent who I am. Maybe a little too much "in the box thinking" and for a five year old that would be fine but not for an adult.

Favourite color, I don't know how to answer that! Blue makes me think of clear skies and cool lakes. What about red, it is a good colour too, it brings to mind roses, apples or sunsets. Then we have green, I think of spring, fields, forests, crisp lettuce on my sandwich. Yellow, sunflowers in the fall, bumble bees and of course sunshine! Purple, grapes and pink, watermelon, so see I can't choose because life is made of all the colours coming together.

Food, well I am a guy so yeah food is good! How do I choose, it depends on the day really and what I feel up for. Some days are a steak or roast chicken day then other times who can say no to a good pizza. There are also times when I feel full and only want a vegetarian meal and I really enjoy the flavour of the fresh vegetables slightly cooked or raw. Some days it is Asian food and some days I want to try a new dish, Indian, French or Mexican. What about when desert comes, how can I pick a good desert over a good meal. It would be easier to tell you that jelly fish is not my favourite!

Movies, music and books. I think as we mature our taste keeps changing. There are Cd's that I still like to pull out and listen to from my high school days and I really enjoy them, but in a different way from some of the Cd's that I listen to now. Same with movies, I used to think that the movie Top Secret was the funniest movie on earth, I had the chance to see it again a few years ago and I never even smiled at it. How can you compare all the different types of movies, from comedy, to scare the pants off you, to make you cry. Books, again that taste changes over time, in my teens I liked something scary then it changed to sci-fi. Later it was what ever seemed interesting, with also long periods thrown in of not reading anything other than newspapers, the Reader's Digest or National Geographic. The books that I cherished as a kid and a young man, I still cherish them but at that level, I can't compare them to what I read now so how could I pick one. Favorite blog, don't even go there! Every one is so different from the other, like the people who write them, it is like sampling off a desert cart, each one has it's own unique flavour.

I think everything has some gift to offer as we experience life, so don't ask me to just pick one because I have already made the mistake of limiting my choices in life before and it does not help me to grow. I do have a favourite reader however and I will tell you who, but everyone has to keep it quiet so as not to have hurt feelings. Okay you want to know? Well...... shhh, don't say anything but it is you! Yes you, don't be shy I just think you are really cool and I'm glad you stopped by today, now don't say anything to the others! ;)


Birdie said...

I'll never tell. ;)


TWISI said...

I'm honored that you responded to my "10 Questions"

Doug said...

You are a very wise man.

danny/ink2metal said...

hey steven,

that post spoke volumes about who you are.

and the comment about "top secret", i think it was way cooler back then because val kilmer was such a twink hottie. now he just looks like he eats too many twinkies. :-{

oh, and don't worry, i'll keep that other little tidbit of info between you and me. i promise. i won't even tell kendall!

Steve said...

That is nice to hear. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Whew! Good Birdie it is just between us! My other sister amongst the brothers!

I was honored that you picked me Kendall! Me being a new kid on the block at the time. Note my answer about the leaders I would like to meet. Sadly what I thought would happen did in a way.

Why thank you Doug! That means a lot to me since I think you are a wiser man! *Hugs*

Danny, wow I did not even know that was Val Kilmer, I did not pay attention but I thought he looked familiar. Yes please keep our secret!

Steve, your a good man and I totally meant you, just don't read what I said to the others! ;)