Sunday, February 4, 2024

Covid 🙄

 At the end of this month, it's hard to believe but it will have been four years since we first started hearing serious rumblings about some virus called Corona. We had been hearing reports but were told not to worry. I'm bringing it up because during all this time, I have avoided getting it.. until now. 🤦

 Fortunately the virus is no longer like the original virus, plus we have ways of fighting back. I didn't get the shot this year and that may be a factor but I think mostly it's because everyone at work either just had it or has it, starting within the last three weeks. For my version, I would describe it as having a mild flu and a bad cold, both at the same time. I felt that I probably had contracted covid because of the rapid way I went from feeling normal at work to being really sick within two hours. Fortunately I'm starting to feel better.

 Looking back, it's such a bizarre moment of our history, not just the virus but all the weird events, political and more that were spin-offs from it. Sometimes it almost feels like a bad dream, like it didn't happen, until we are suddenly reminded that it did. I have made the best efforts to move on from it, most times I don't even think about it anymore. Unfortunately I see people that have been changed by the pandemic, they are still stuck back in 2020 during the peak, paranoid and afraid, I hope they will get past it.

 Unfortunately covid sent me a little reminder this week, at least I have an excuse to stay home and lie around watching tv.