Thursday, March 24, 2022

The lazy post.

I'm going to take the lazy way out and post memes. For this rock star meme,
 I'm Grey Pasta! Rock on baby!

This is a very handy chart to have. No spiders were harmed in the making of this meme.

We are actually having a week like this now. Lol

Monday, March 21, 2022

Non comedian.

The roommate and I had our first argument three weeks ago. Apparently I'm not as funny as I think I am. Also I believe it to be a cultural difference, he is Mexican and I'm Smarty Pantsican. My humour can be a bit sarcastic and I like picking at people, one day I crossed the line and "POOF" hurt feelings. It was also revealed to me that it had been building for a long time. Well anyway it's been smoothed over and I will be a little more cautious with what I say regarding how he may interpret things. He can be a jerk at times but he also does a lot of nice things for me. I on the other hand am a perfect roommate and he needs to realize that. Just to be clear, we are just friends. We did get together a year ago but he didn't want anything serious so we became friends. I was worried about living together as he has an online temper, so as a test-run we went away for a few days together to Montreal.I had a great time with him, I decided to take him up on his offer and rent a bedroom. It turn out to be exactly what I needed, winter seemed to fly by and it's spring already. We made it!

Saturday, March 12, 2022


Wow, it's been over a year since my last post. I guess I was hoping for things to be better in the world but unfortunately not. There have been a lot of changes and also no changes at all if that makes sense. One thing different is that I am living in the city, I left the farm for the winter, I found it too isolated and lonely there. I'm renting a bedroom from a friend, he has to travel a lot so I'm often alone for weeks on end. I get a beautiful three bedroom condo to myself for the price of a bedroom. I'm not dating anyone and to be honest I'm fine with that. I have made a few gay friends and whenever we are not in a covid lockdown we get together as much as we can. I know there has been a lot of sadness in the blog world over the last year. I would like to say things will get better but I don't really know what to say.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Day I met the devil.

  Yesterday was an anniversary date but not a good one. It's hard to believe that time has moved on but here we are. It's been one year since I met "Mr X". I remember that day so clearly and how I thought I had started a new chapter in my life.

 Sorry I'm not blogging much, one of the main reasons is the new blogger format. I no longer have the option to revert back to the old format. Not only is the new format "user hostile" but it seems to be incompatible with my phone, there is a constant saving cycle that saves the page every three letters that I type and it freezes the page for three seconds, so it literally takes about a minute to type one sentence. By the end of one paragraph, my patience is finished. 

 The other reason I stopped writing was because of Mr X and the crazy Pandora's box that I opened. I will get into that another day but he really shattered my belief in the good of people. 

 Still, maybe everything happens for a reason and because of meeting Mr X I have made some gay friends in this city. Also because of meeting him I have met two great guys. One of those guys I'm going on a second date with tonight. Who knows where this will or will not lead but at least I'm back in the saddle again. This guy was really pursuing me and I finally said yes, I really like him, he's really nice. Oh, did mention that he's a cute Latino man, ten years younger than me? Yaa Steve is back bitches! Hahaha, me funny. ;)

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Catch up.

 Hello my peeps, miss me? I want to get some posts in before the year end. There will be some hardships coming but I feel 2021 will be a better year for humanity. We finally have a weapon to beat back covid and... that pile of garbage that someone left at the Whitehouse four years ago, will finally be removed. 

Today is silly post day. First some good advice from an older person.

I guess I should go with a "Holiday" theme. Unfortunately even though I had plenty of help decorating my tree, it took me five days to put it up. I just couldn't get it exactly the way I wanted it. Eventually I had to send my help back.

Have you made your list for Santa? I gave up years ago, stupid naughty list. :(

Some Christmas warnings for you about me.

I do wish you guys would be careful with the things that you request from old Santa Claus.

It's been really cold this past week. Maybe only Canadians will get this.

A little LGBTQ holiday humour to fit in.

Christmas 2020 will be very different from other Christmases unfortunately for most people. There is a new 2020 edition of Elf on the shelf... why am I not surprised!!!


Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Ass handing day?

 I tend to stay out of politics especially regarding politics of another country. However... oh boy do I ever hope upon hope that dumpy gets his big fat, lying, racist ass handed to him on a humiliating platter today. Make America great again, get rid of the problem and hopefully everything remains peaceful afterwards. Good luck.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Friday.. Yeah.

 It's Friday, tomorrow is Halloween.. or it isn't, depends on where you live. No fun allowed because we're too stupid apparently.

Yes and don't forget about the earth being flat and having four corners.

And now for my next trick... this one makes me laugh every time.

Speaking of trick, I wished Maddie a happy birthday, I know the old'gal turns sixty or something like that this week. Same here, my b'day is coming. I found a picture of me during my younger days while still trying to date women.

Yes.. unfortunately I was in denial, I knew I was gay but just couldn't accept it.


 Have a good day peeps!!!