Saturday, June 15, 2019

Rainy day excuse.

 It's Saturday and it's raining.. and cold, this allows for the excuse of staying indoors most of the day. This way I don't feel guilty doing my house chores, as I said before, sunny days demand outdoor activities. Apparently this is supposed to be how our summer is going to turn out. Unfortunately our weather is so far behind, it's the middle of June but looks and feels like the middle of May. A week or two ago one friend text me saying he expects to see snow, then we heard that some places a little north of us received snow, yuck. The mosquitoes are wearing little tiny snowsuits. Anyhoo it's pride month so back to the "mo" stuff.

 On a serious note I heard something positive regarding the gay community. There has always been the stat that gay men have a shorter lifespan than straight men. Even more shocking is this did not include the deaths from HIV. I found that alarming, I wondered if we were wired differently and caused us to die sooner. I also wondered if it was all the extra stress we live under that straight guys don't have to deal with.

 The positive news is that our lifespan is rapidly rising, fast approaching that of an average straight man. The reason for this they feel is because.... anyone? Can you guess anyone, anyone? Well if you guessed gay marriage, you would be correct. Makes sense when you consider that the "bean counters" have been saying for years that married straight guys live longer than single straight guys. Who would think that a person in a loving relationship having two people looking out for each other would be healthier, so suck it religious right-wrong! They also said that gay people living in areas where society accepted them, also had a longer lifespan. That says something about the people trying to push us back into the closet. I also think it's healthier for straight people to be happy for us, than be stressed out if we're wearing rainbow colour underwear.

 Another interesting thing I heard was on a conservative radio station. Of course in Canada, conservative is generally about keeping government spending under control and not about standing in a field waiting for instructions from some god.  They had on some doctors regarding transgender children, the host asked many questions about allowing the child to follow through with their wishes. Basically the doctors said that the person will eventually transitioning and the parents can either be supportive or lose their child from their life. They said however that a trans child that has their parents support generally goes on to lead a productive life, they are more likely to finish school, go on to university, start a career, have healthy relationships etc.

 The flip side is children rejected by family become homeless, live on the streets, turn to the sex trade for their living, often become addicted to drugs, have a high rate of suicide, get mutilated by trying to alter their appearance, get assaulted and even murdered. I liked the factual answers, the results are clear, the doctors didn't seem to have any agenda left or right. I was pretty much ignorant about this topic to be honest but now I think society's choice is crystal clear regarding what to do, be supportive or have blood on your hands.

Friday, June 14, 2019


 Dear Americans, you kept taking all our good hockey players and using them to steal our Stanley Cup, we had enough of your big-money ways and decided to get back at you. We, with our one little NBA team, beat all your teams asses and now we have the NBA championship.

 We beat you in basketball... Canada BEAT YOU IN BASKETBALL! BASKETBALL! BA..SKET..BAAAAA..LLLL. You suck, deal with it. Lol :D


Thursday, June 13, 2019

When art moves you.

 I saw this video last night for the first time, I absolutely love the story going on in the video, it really moved me. I think this represents true love and it also tells a story not often seen... anywhere. The song is inspirational as well, I love the singer's raw emotion. I hope you enjoy this, it nearly made me cry :)...

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

What year was that?

 Today I had one of those sudden moments that hit you about age. We were talking about essays in high school and I was recalling how much I hated when a teacher would say, "alright class, I want a three thousand word essay on"... I joked about installing many filler words like "and, when, the, then" etc just to get the count up. Half way through the teacher would say, "no using words over and over to get your count up, you will lose marks if you do"!

 A young man I work with of twenty four, said that if I had only know there is a program that I could have used, it helps a student extend his essay by suggesting words and phrases to add in without looking like you are doing this and upsetting the teacher. I had to think for a second. Then I said sadly, "when I was in high school, computers hadn't been invented yet". That reality shocked me, especially since they are everywhere now. To be honest, yes they were starting to make an appearance by the end of my high school days, I was even in a computer class but in my early high school days, computers were only something on Star Trek.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

With Friends Like These.

 The past few weeks I have been reading a lot of stories about LGBTQ people experiencing negative situations, from being called names to physical assault. A lot I feel, has to do with what happened in the last American election. It gave the homo-bigoted a sense of "our time is now". I hate using the word homophobia because those people don't have a fear of gay people, they know exactly who we are and they have an agenda of repression and hate. They should be described as homo-bigoted or homo-prejudice because they hate us and see us as some sort of damaged people who should just keep quiet and pretend to be straight.

 I'm lucky however, I live in Canada and I find that things are slowly getting better all the time. I was thinking back to something that happened to my ex boyfriend over ten years ago. He was at work and asked an employee to redo something they had been working on. The guy walked away angry and said out loud something like "I hate working with a big fruit or big queer like him" words along those lines. The ex was humiliated, not everyone knew yet that he was gay. He said nothing and just let it go like gay people have often done for years.

 A day later the ex was pulled into the main office. The boss had heard what happened, and was horrified. He found out because the other workers loved my ex and went en masse to have the other guy fired, they were outraged, they were behind their friend. Later my ex received a note from the guy that was fired, it was an apology letter and he felt it was sincere.

 I was thinking about myself, the beautiful thing is, if I was eating lunch at work with my usual group and some dumbass came up to torment me saying, "hey heard you're a big queer, you certainly look like a fag". That guy would have a group come down on him like a hammer. He probably would get threatened physically and he definitely would have his ass fired in 1.2 seconds. It's hard to believe at times when I think back, twenty five years ago the table would have been against me, now it's the opposite. Yes we are used to having to stand up for ourselves but it's nice when you realize we are not always alone.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Men in ties.

 Keeping things on the lighter side. This morning driving through downtown, I was watching a couple of young men walking, laughing and talking on their way to work. The weather was warm so they were not wearing jackets. They had on dress shirts and a tie, I saw the same thing coming home this evening only they were older men. I love men with a tie on and a coordinated dress shirt, I found all of them looked incredibly handsome this way, I like a man dressed up, I find it presses all the right buttons with me.

 I know that I joke about wearing old jeans etc but to be honest I do both. At home I like to be comfortable, if I'm invited to a neighbour's around here, I'm expected to show up in comfortable clothes, it's about relaxing and enjoying company of friends. In the city however I do like to dress up and go out every now and again. I love it when the guys at work have to dress up, it makes them show like the handsome peacocks they really are. I like when a group of us dress up to go out, that never happens anymore.

 The other day I bought some dress shirts, I get a little thrill out of doing that, a gay man that enjoys shopping, go figure. I'm not sure if you have Winners or Marshalls where you live, name brand clothes sold for much less  of a price, I love going there. When I came home, I was looking over my haul, as I went to put them away there was a bag hanging inside one of the closets, when I opened the bag... jackpot! Apparently I went shopping and completely forgot about these shirts! I was thrilled all over again because I didn't remember what I bought lol. It must have been just before Christmas and I hung up the bag and forgot.

 Anyway, handsome men with ties, oh yes that makes my day! I think if I ever get to marry someone, he better not show up in shorts, t-shirt and sandals or it's a divorce before the wedding even happens!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Who's the young man? ;)

 I was visiting mom yesterday, I love the place more and more with each visit. This weekend is gorgeous, summer has finally arrived, sunshine and warm weather. They told me everyone is outback in "the garden". I went out through what appeared to be a sitting room designed with the feel of a country lodge. Out back was an area with flowers and a vegetable garden. They had the people relaxing in the shade. How perfectly healthy is that, mentally and physically, no more being locked up like in an asylum for mom. It gives family members a sense of peace and comfort.

 There is an interesting "buzz" going around about an elderly woman's son that looks really young for his age. Some of the workers on different shifts whisper to each other, "wait until you see her son, he looks like her grandson". That lucky little bas...ket who wouldn't want to stay young looking. Even better would be to feel young, I have to say that I have aged well up to now, all good things come to an end, I'm starting to slowly feel like I'm falling apart, I'm getting rusty, the warranty is up. Like some of my older cousins, I can soon look forward to having replacement parts installed.

 A staff member at mom's home approaches me upon seeing me with mom, all smiles and friendly, she wants to update me about mom. She asks me, "are you her grandson"? I answer, "no I'm her son". Her eyes suddenly get really big and then a huge smile comes on her face, "oooh, I heard about you... they say wait until you see her son, he looks like her grandson... so that must be you"! Yes... why yes it is me, the incredibly young, handsome looking son who could pass as her grandson... so deal with it all you bitches in blog land! Hahaha, this is one of my happy posts. Like I said at the beginning of this post, I'm loving this new home for mom more and more all the time! :D