Thursday, March 26, 2020

Sensing something.

 I don't watch tv shows anymore because I find most shows boring and childishly written. I have always liked shows with a different twist to them, character driven shows, good shows that usually get cancelled because people can't follow them or feel uncomfortable with the show.

 Shows like, Six feet under, Looking, Orphan Black, Mary Kills People and many more. I recently have access to Netflix on certain days and lately there is not a lot to do but watch television. Over the last year I kept hearing about a show called Sense8, I decided to try watching a few episodes. I really, really like this show, it's not at all what I was expecting. I thought it was just going to be a gritty version of "Friends" or a bit like "Queer as Folk" something along those lines. However there is a much more complex plot to the show.

 Unfortunately it has already been taken off the air after only two seasons. I'm about five episodes in the first season and I find it getting better and better with each episode.  It also has LGBTQ characters in the show and I appreciate that, I like seeing a more realistic portrayal of society, I like to see myself reflected on the screen.

 Did anyone here watch that show? Does anyone here recommend a show?

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Grape soup.

 Well I guess if I'm going to switch to lighter things, then I should mention what I had for bachelor supper last night. "Bachelor supper" is all the crazy things bachelors eat because our mothers are not around to stop us. My favorite one years ago was blueberry pie and chocolate milk.

 Yesterday I was washing a bunch of black grapes, my favorite kind. I used to eat the green or red ones, then one day I tried black and I couldn't go back, just too delicious. As I was washing these grapes, I noticed a bunch of tiny holes, I wasn't sure if they were made while the grapes were being stored or as my imagination began to say, maybe something laid an egg in there. I didn't want to throw them out so I boiled them with a little sugar, like I was about to make grape jam.

 However I had put too much water in and so I accidentally made soup... grape soup. It tasted as good as it sounds, or better than depending on your reaction! I came up with a good idea, I was dipping shortbread cookies in the "soup", they are a little bland to begin with so the grape flavor pimped them up a lot. In fact I ate the entire pot. A much more exotic bachelor supper than my usual peanut butter and honey sandwich, or the tomato/onion special. Hmmm let's see, Thursday's menu... strawberry soup!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Tainted moments.

  It's hard to blog about anything at the moment because everything feels tainted by the pandemic. A person almost feels guilty for blogging about something good happening in their life. There is that question in the back of our minds, "how can you write about something so light hearted when so many people are struggling, try to be more respectful". The result is that the virus has infected my blog, so to speak. It's like an elephant in the room at a family dinner.

 Take for example, my intention was to eventually write about meeting Mr X, just like I did back when I first met Dan. Not just for the readers but it's also for myself to one day look back on. Unfortunately now however the entire event will forever be tied to covid-19 no matter how I record it. Other little moments have been forgotten in the day to day 24/7 armageddon and that's too bad. The uncertainty of it all is staggering. The loneliness for me is overwhelming, I haven't spoken to another human in a week.. a real human.

 The other thing is the feeling regarding  loss of control over mom. I can't protect her and she is a sitting target. The Quebec government was smart enough to ban visitors to seniors homes and that will help prevent someone from bringing in the virus. However some of the staff have to work with hospitals as well. All it would take is one slip up and disaster would strike, the virus turns into a raging monster once it gets into a seniors residence. I can't imagine getting a call saying mom is critically ill and not being able to see her, or the thought of her dying alone. The other frightening thought is if the staff fell ill, I wouldn't be able to take care of her, I don't know what we would do and it could get that bad.

 There are things I didn't think of, like an older cousin passed away, he was well liked around this area. His family should have been surrounded by other family members and friends saying goodbye, instead they couldn't have a wake or funeral, it's too dangerous. Even small things like getting a hair cut, having your teeth cleaned will be off limits possibly for months.

 I will blog about Mr X however, as I will blog about my nature walks now that the snow is melting. Also about how Kitty ventured out of the barn yesterday, (a true sign of spring) and about how my neighbours are doing even though we can't have our usual tea, also the idea I have about growing spinach in the house (hopefully) and the latest book I read. I'm going to do that because that's living, that's life and being stuck in the house worried about a virus lurking around is not healthy. Maybe the blog can be an escape until things can return to something that resembled life before the plague. I will still mention it, I do take it seriously just that it has infiltrated every aspect of my day to day life and I'm tired of hearing about it.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Apocalypse now, right now!

 Today I took the car out for a spin, it's not good to leave it sit idle for too long, especially at this salty time of year.  As I passed through the first small village near me and then a larger one, it felt so surreal. I saw no one. Even the usual people that are always around doing something in their yards had vanished. There were also no other cars on the road. Most people got the message, most people are staying in their homes.

 Unfortunately there is always an idiot in every crowd. Yesterday a woman who is positive for the COVID-19 virus, was arrested. She refused to self isolate, I hope she enjoys her cell. The Canadian government has given a warning, do as we ask or lose liberty and we will make you comply. They are talking about closing the borders between provinces, something that has never been done before, something that has never been imagined before. The border between Canada and the United States is also closed except for goods and supplies, something that also has never been done before.

 I look back at posts and emails from as little as a week ago. I knew it was going to get bad... but even I didn't see it being this bad. Closing the border would be difficult for me. I live in one province but work in another. Most of my friends are in another province, as is my sister. Also frustrating, my boyfriend and I would be separated. I see the irony of this, finally meet a nice guy after all these years and we will be separated. We are already apart, counting down the days until we can reunite... and now this because of a few idiots. They said it could be months.

 At least our governments at all levels are taking this seriously. Actually they are all really doing well, all parties have pulled together and there is a lot of brainstorming to lessen the impact of the virus. Unfortunately there are always clueless people, they worry me. 

People are keeping their distance, my honey bunny was telling me about people sitting around talking in a local park with everyone's chairs three meters (9feet) apart. I'm lucky here, I can get outside no problem. If they do a lock down, people in the city will be confined indoors.

 I was reading about pollution levels rapidly dropping around the world, in the air and water. The world is on hold, this is unbelievable, who would ever think that the economy would shut down worldwide!  It seems the world wide disasters just keep getting bigger, strange days indeed. Sorry everyone, this is just a rambling sort of post, a little dumbfounded to be honest because we have all found ourselves in an apocalyptic or armageddon type of movie, we can't guess the ending or how long the movie runs. Stay in, stay safe people.

Friday, March 20, 2020

And in today's news, COVID-19!

"Good evening everyone, in today's news  COVID-19, COVID-19 COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID and COVID-19. Now over to you Janice!"

 "Thanks Bill, well it looks like COVID-19 COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID-19. Now we will check in with weather. What's the forecast for the weekend looking like Mike?"

 "Well in spite of COVID-19, mostly rain and chances of snow. In other words Janice.. a perfect weekend to stay inside and hide in terror from COVID-19. Sunday will have a little more sunshine but with COVID-19 you are taking a risk going out and possibly becoming infected with COVID-19 and later dying of COVID-19. Sunday could be a good day for us to practise social distancing from COVID-19. Back to you Bill."

 "Thanks Mike, in other news science has learn something new about COVID-19, COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID-19. Now a look at sports with Matt Ballsac. Matt?"

 "Thank you Bill, the NBA has shut down all games due to COVID-19. Some of the players are in quarantine due to COVID-19. In other news the NHL have cancelled all games due to COVID-19 and one player has tested positive for COVID-19. There was an announcement today that COVID-19 will probably cause the cancellation of the summer Olympics. In other sports news one official is quoted as saying, "aaaaaahh! Aaahhh! It's COVID-19!" Now back to you Bill!"

 "Thank you Matt, coming up we will talk to a doctor about COVID-19 and also our financial segment will explain how COVID-19 is destroying everyone's retirement savings. Then COVID-19 COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID. First let's check in with Sarah for your weekend entertainment."

 "Thanks Bill, well this weekend would have saw some interesting movies coming out of Hollywood, if COVID-19 hadn't screwed everything up. All theatres will be closed due to COVID-19. This week in music also sees all concerts and festivals closing down due to COVID-19, basically go home because of COVID-19, lock your doors and watch tv for a year. Over to Janice!"

 "Thank you Sarah, and now this breaking COVID-19 news.. it seems that the world famous writer of this blog has released a statement. In it he is quoted as saying... I look forward to a day when no one has to hear the flipping word [COVID-19] on the news anymore!!!" Stay safe everyone!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Grocery shopping adventures!

 Today I had the dilemma of shopping or not shopping for groceries. I was trying to weigh the pros and cons. I was looking at my grocery list and trying to decide what I could do without for another week or so. Then I was thinking that if things are going to get bad here like in Italy, another week or two would actually be worse. I was thinking that the virus isn't likely to be around this area at the moment, way out here in the country. Even in Ottawa the people testing positive were returning from other countries. It doesn't seem to be in the surrounding communities yet. I decided it's better to go now.

 It felt surreal, all the other shops were closed, there were less than normal amounts of people at the stores. I also noticed the thin amount of traffic on the roads. You could just sense something unspoken, the tension between people trying to keep their distance from each other. The store was nearly empty, unusual for a Wednesday afternoon, I kept expecting a big hairy corona virus monster, to jump out from behind a display and start chasing after me. I went in with my list wondering what I would or wouldn't be able to get.

Baby spinach_____ check
Bread_____________ check
Becel margarine__ NONE
Beans ____________  check
Peas______________ NONE
Spaghetti sauce___ check
Dried cranberries_NONE
Fresh fruit________ NONE
Sunflower oil_____ check
Basil______________ NONE
Juice______________ NONE
Bathroom tissues_ NONE

I got a few extras as well, there is a larger grocery store about ten minutes away so I went there and finished my list. The only things I wasn't able to buy were the bathroom tissues and oddly enough the basil. The toilet paper was also sold out in both stores but fortunately I have plenty. The first store had almost no meat left but the second store had plenty. I couldn't help feeling sorry for the workers, especially the cashiers. They are some of the few people who still have to work and they will deal with dozens and dozens of people every day.

I plan on going into hiding for two weeks now, hopefully Canada is ahead of this thing. I couldn't believe the people out who were coughing.. not only that but not covering their mouth. I also saw an elderly couple buying a few groceries, they were really elderly, possibly in their early nineties! I felt sorry for them, I was tempted to ask if they had children or grandchildren that could shop for them. People over eighty are in great danger from this virus, nearly 20% death rate, they shouldn't have been out.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Where's ME lucky SHAMROCK?

 Leaping Leprechauns what's happened to poor old St Patrick's day? No beer, no bars, no parade, no shenanigans of any sort! This March 17th is about as fun as an income tax deadline. We're mostly staying home with no work, no food and worried about illness, I guess you couldn't get more traditionally Irish than that!

 Even the little people are practicing social distancing, staying away from toadstool rings, old oaks and fairy gatherings. I better stop there, I'm starting to sound like Dr Spo. Fortunately I already had my St Paddy's day a week ago. My neighbour decided to have an old fashion ceilidh.. sounds like "Kay-Lee", it's basically a kitchen party where people bring instruments and play Irish or Scottish tunes. They have tea or something stronger than tea, snacks and lots of jokes. I wore my latest in ceilidh evening wear. It just says Steve!

 As usual a lot of people said they were going to come but didn't show up, everyone is too busy these days. That's okay, I enjoyed myself, one young girl brought a violin, she wanted to connect with her heritage so we had her playing old Irish tunes. She is also a cousin of mine so I was able to tell her stories about her grandparents who I knew well. She told me an interesting story about meeting a boy in her high school, she joked with him about looking very Irish-ish, he mentioned that his grandparents came from my area. When they tried to find out if they were related, the young girl said that they sort of were but not by blood.. by marriage. She told me that her great uncle had married the boy's great aunt and when she told me the names of the great aunt and uncle.. I said that's my mom and dad. It's amazing how connections can suddenly appear.

 An interesting fact recently discovered is that scientists have learned, leprechauns actually poop gold nuggets, so yes... the pot of gold is actually the "potty" of gold.

What's Irish and lays out on the lawn. Patty O'Furniture.

 Fun Facts:
1) The Irish actually invented pizza!
2) Rap music was actually created by Irish people first but it really took off in the African-American community.
3) If a person of Irish ancestry tells you three things in a row, the first two are usually complete lies. Gotcha?

 Anyway whether you are Irish or not, on this day you can dance a little jig, have a little drink and hopefully bring a little smile to yourself and others, because we could all use a little spirit lifting right about now.