Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Authentically you.

 Lately I haven't felt like writing, I have been online a lot in other areas, on other sites. I actually hate "online" anything to be honest, everyone wants to be online regarding everything, especially lately with covid around. I can't believe all the people who contact me to be friends or to date me, I'm not interested in any type of online relationship, I want a real person with me, to hug, to cuddle, to kiss.

 One thing that has become extremely clear to me over the last few weeks... is how much I admire and appreciate you guys. I'm so lucky to have gathered together such an authentic group of people. Very unlike most of the shallow people I usually come across every day stuck behind their computers. You may be my online friends... but in your cases, you are very real to me.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

On the right side.

 Thursday was a very emotional day for me, I was In tears all the way home. Not emotional from being upset, emotional in a good way. My faith in a lot of things were restored that day, I had given up hope on life, on people, on anything positive in general. However on that day truth won, caring won, doing the right thing won, saying the right thing won, decency won. I needed that victory.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Time to do my duty.. and post something.

I'm going to do the lazy thing and post memes! Too late to think anyway.

 I'm not sure, people keep telling me to post the above meme but I don't see anything other than a black square, so I don't get the joke.

 Now for my next trick, anyone under 18 better leave the room, the following joke is a little adult content infused.

 Some people say men shouldn't wear pink, I think a lot of men look good in pink. There is the complaint that it takes away our masculinity. I'm not so sure about that, he looks pretty masculine to me.

 About that adults only joke content, I think anyone who is easily grossed out or offended... should probably run before my next tasteless joke about donuts, (tasteless & donuts, see what I did there)!
 Well I did warn you... but I just knew you would look anyway! ; )

Saturday, August 15, 2020

My Rockin Ass!

 I used to have a rockin ass, it was one of my best features. Boyfriends use to love giving it a slap. Then I turned 50 and it was all down hill from there. It's still not bad but (butt) it's nothing like before. I inherited it from my dad, many times I caught a glimpse of dad butt and he had major hot butt! My dad was a very handsome man, I'm not sure what happened to me... lol.

 I wanted to try and get back a little booty, so I bought a bike Wednesday.
 Also I'm embarrassingly out of shape. I rode it around for about twenty minutes and nearly had to lie down after. Okay not that bad but still I was breathing heavy and not in an erotic way. I used to bike all the time. Then once I got into my thirties that went away. I haven't been on a bike in at least ten years.. but probably more. I was quite wobbly the first night but it's getting better.

 It took me a few days to get one actually. Due to covid, everyone is bored and went out and bought a bike. Most places only had women's bikes. I went to a bike shop but the bikes ranged in price from $1100 to $2100. I was thinking about what if I don't want to use it after a few rides. I tried a few stores but all were sold out. Finally one store received a shipment of these mountain bikes in. On sale only $120, that's a good deal. It's not fancy but it will do the job. If I start riding again, I can always get a better made bike, this way if I get lazy, I'm not out by much.

The only negative thing, is now that I'm older, I feel the seat should at least buy me dinner some days with the way it invades me!

 August 15, how is this possible??? Summer is almost over for us and that's depressing. September is on the way and they are predicting covid will surge back because of the kids going back to school. I can't take another lockdown, I'm going to snap. I'm not sure what to do. I'm safe here on the farm but it's lonely. If I'm in an apartment and can't leave the building, that's like being locked up and it becomes a different lonely. Crazy days ahead. There... I did it, I wrote something, I will leave the heavier stuff for later.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Girl on the corner.

 One day when I was driving in to work this week, a young girl was asking for change at the lights. She was young, probably not much older than 18, 19, maybe younger. She was a cute looking girl, possibly Indigenous and European ancestry mixed, I could tell she definitely was a homeless person. Everyone was ignoring her, to be fair probably not from being uncaring, unfortunately this happens at almost every light downtown. She nervously looked towards me, I looked down at my change cup.. empty. I smiled, shrugged my shoulders and put my hands out as a sign that I had nothing, while mouthing the word "sorry". Instead of being annoyed, her face lite up and she gave me this sweet little wave and a big smile.

 I thought about that as the light turned green and I drove away. She probably gets ignored and treated rudely all day, maybe because I took the time to communicate with her in a small way, it allowed her to feel human again, to not feel judged.

 I couldn't help think, where is your dad, where is your mom, why aren't they looking out for you, such a sweet kid, if she was my daughter I would be trying to help her. She is a broken person.. but I can't judge her because I'm broken too.

 It's been hard to write again, some of you know why. Writer's block? It's more like a mountain I have to get over. I have worked through something and it's pretty much over now but I'm going to start talking about it because this is my blog... these are my feelings, I want to look back one day and remember. Unfortunately I have to go back, I will be moving backwards, it's up to each person to come with me or skip over it.