Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Un-resolutions

With the new year being almost a month started, I still receive many ads in the mail trying to entice me into joining some type of club. Whether it is for weight loss, exercise or evening classes to improve my work prospects. I have never made any new year resolutions before in my life. I don't believe in them, I always think if a person wants to lose weight, quit smoking or whatever, then if they are really serious they should do it the day they thought about it. There is no magical power to January first.

I have been thinking I should watch less TV and play less on the computer, I should replace these with something that will enrich me as a person, I am not going to do it though. Looks good on paper but I will not follow through, that is just me. I was thinking I should make a new year un-resolutions list, a group of things I should do but will not follow through on, that way if I falter from not doing them, it would actually be a good thing! Well then here is my top ten un-resolutions list.

1) Learn a second language, I really should improve my french, in Canada it opens a lot of doors to employment as most of the really good jobs require you to be able to speak french as well as English. Plus it is just an interesting thing to do.

2) Get back to reading books, I used to love to read but over the last ten years I probably have only read six or seven books for entertainment purposes only.

3) Get into better shape, this one I need to take seriously. I am not getting any younger and I tend to just stay in my apartment. The results are that I have become ridiculously out of shape to the point of embarrassment. Plus I would be more marketable with a bit of muscle on me!

4) Once in shape I should take up things like hiking again or cross country skiing to be able to meet people.

5) Join a few clubs, this is where the hiking and skiing would come in handy. I could join a few gay clubs in these activities so that I would be able to go out and again it would help me meet more people.

6) Find a hobby, another thing to pass the time better than TV. When listing my interests in a profile section, I suddenly realized how boring I have let myself become.

7) Learn to play an instrument, (wait get those dirty gay minds out of the gutter) I think it would be fun to play music and probably personally entertaining, however I assume torture for the neighbors the first few months.

8) Shag someone, yes you read that right! It has been a looooooong time since I have been with anyone, actually the nineties, I am a very sensual scorpio and I should get in touch with and express my sexuality.

9) Volunteer, there are so many good causes that just need a helping hand, whether it is the local soup kitchens, food banks, hospitals or even humane society, they are always looking for help from people. I don't think the TV would miss me for one or two nights a week.

10) Evening courses every now and again would not hurt, I always balk at the thought because I feel it would take years to get anywhere doing this, however time has a way of flying by, one year suddenly turns into five and a lot of progress would have been made if only I had been following this process. One good thing about my personality is when I start something, I almost always see it through.

There you have it, my un-resolutions. Quite a good list of things that I will not do this year if I say so myself. I also wonder if anyone has something to add for themselves or a suggestion for me, feel free to list it. I can only hope I will falter and actually do one or two of them, the benefit to a list like this, is the less I stick to it, the better off I will be.


Unknown said...

Need help with French - don't hesitate to get in touch buddy. :-)

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Oui! Oui merci mon amie!
Wow you are the only one who commented, people must not have liked this post for some reason!