Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Day I met the devil.

  Yesterday was an anniversary date but not a good one. It's hard to believe that time has moved on but here we are. It's been one year since I met "Mr X". I remember that day so clearly and how I thought I had started a new chapter in my life.

 Sorry I'm not blogging much, one of the main reasons is the new blogger format. I no longer have the option to revert back to the old format. Not only is the new format "user hostile" but it seems to be incompatible with my phone, there is a constant saving cycle that saves the page every three letters that I type and it freezes the page for three seconds, so it literally takes about a minute to type one sentence. By the end of one paragraph, my patience is finished. 

 The other reason I stopped writing was because of Mr X and the crazy Pandora's box that I opened. I will get into that another day but he really shattered my belief in the good of people. 

 Still, maybe everything happens for a reason and because of meeting Mr X I have made some gay friends in this city. Also because of meeting him I have met two great guys. One of those guys I'm going on a second date with tonight. Who knows where this will or will not lead but at least I'm back in the saddle again. This guy was really pursuing me and I finally said yes, I really like him, he's really nice. Oh, did mention that he's a cute Latino man, ten years younger than me? Yaa Steve is back bitches! Hahaha, me funny. ;)