Saturday, January 24, 2015

Clunky sloppy blog.

I have been whining about my blog to a long time blog buddy. First off I have to blog with a smartphone, I find it frustrating most times. The rotten thing keeps changing my words and what I am trying to get across. Spell check is the worst part, most of the time I get the sense this phone wants to write it's own blog. The other thing is, it won't let me create paragraphs to get my point across. Every post from now on will be this one huge paragraph. I know this thing is eeevil, I know because if I take a selfie it makes me look about fifteen years older, now if you are a gay man or a woman, no more explanation is necessary. Hmmmm, lets try this ...........................................Reading over some of my posts from years ago, I can't believe I wrote some of those posts. I just don't have that insight any more. Many times I go to post and I feel that I no longer can get my thoughts out the way I used to. I guess it is an age thing..................................My blog buddy gave me the advice to write as if I were writing to a friend. I joked back that since he was probably the only one reading my blog, I "am" writing to a friend. I enjoy writing again, despite my battle with the not so smartphone, unfortunately I don't have the time most days. It's a little therapeutic and that is what it will be for me, my getting my thoughts out. I did get into the trap of wanting a lot of followers the last time, even though I vowed not to, this time will be different (I hope). I will keep it as a gay blog, some days I want to blog about other things, but this was started as a coming out blog. It makes me happy however when I realise that I am no longer obsessed with the fact that I am a gay person, it's just a part of who I am................Sooo some time I may blog a lot and some time I may take a break, that is what happens when you get old and independent.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas gift.

With mom's memory failing, I have no more Santa, so when people ask what I expect for Christmas, I joke about being on the naughty list, so no gift for me! It's important for my mom to go to mass Christmas eve, to be honest I feel like I would be missing something if I didn't as well, so I enjoy taking her. It's a typical country village church, small, white and the people there descended from the original settlers. This year one of our neighbor's sons came home..... with his boyfriend (gasp). I was interested to see how they would be received. At the end of mass, I watched expectantly for the cool stares, the awkward handshakes and the famous "pretend not to notice them" as people quickly brush past. However what I saw were people being excited to see a returned friend and then also offering a warm welcome to someone who was important to that friend. I stood in silence as these hockey playing farm boys gave a welcoming hug to their friend's boyfriend. HIS BOYFRIEND! This was not how things played out in my mind. I could tell it was awkward for them, but awkward in that the hug was their way of saying, I support these guys, letting others see their support. Sometimes it's hard for straight guys to show emotions but when they stand up for friends, they make their point clear. It was uplifting. In that instant I was a little overwhelmed because I knew this was my Christmas gift, and I couldn't ask for better.