Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What Will Come Of Us.

I choose to keep this blog about day to day issues, either gay issues or just making our way through life issues. I don't want to get into really heavy issues, world crisis issues, I think that could alter this blog. The truth is though I am the type of person who watches a lot of news, so it's not that I am not aware or worse, that I don't care. Lately however I really worry, I worry about where we are heading. I sometimes feel humanity is flying apart at the seams. I don't blog about it because I find there seems to be so many hidden levels to all the conflicts, I don't feel my comments would be valid when I am still taking in all the information. Our politicians don't look deep enough to come up with solutions, I don't think they would understand the bigger picture, and there always seems to be an even bigger picture. We need a hero right now, sadly heroes don't exist.

Monday, September 28, 2015

LOL, J.O's A OK!

Well folks, every man's favorite topic, masturbation. Turns out all that practice in high school will pay off if you keep it up. A study out of Montreal has shown that men who continually tug on the goods into their older years, were much less likely to get prostate cancer. Makes perfect sense, use it or lose it principle applies here, we are always told to exercise everything, even the mind. Stands to reason then that the healthier we keep the plumbing, the better to keep the rust out. ............................................ The religious nuts are not going to like this. They have been telling us for years not to touch the merchandise. If God was so worried about spilled milk, he would not have invented wet dreams. You think they would have learned about being wrong after the whole earth is flat with four corners scandal. I mean they even invented a bland breakfast cereal and entrenched penis mutilation to combat self enjoyment. .............................................. It would take Montreal to bring out the truth, as much as Canadians love anything to do with sex, French Canadians love it more. Americans don't like sex, or at least pretend not to like it and they definitely don't like masturbation, they have been trying for years to convince us we will go insane with hairy palms if we play with the garden hose. By teen years most guys are doing it, the ones who are not we call liars. Myself I learned really young, like crazy young, seven! True story, remember I grew up on a farm, we had a milk cow, got an idea in my head and suddenly made a huge discovery that evening. ............................................ To take health matters into your own hands, (intended pun) nothing too extreme, no upside down harness or such things, just empty the sack of goodies, helps to clear out the bagpipes. Recommended dose is five times a week, not sure if it's harmful to go over the limit. Kind of a double edged sword, on one hand (no pun intended) it is great to hear that not only is it ok to do, it's actually recommended to do. However on the flipside, with five times a week, I hate that I have to cut my activities by half.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Math Explanation 100% Needed.

This morning while driving in to work, I was listening to the radio and the host was interviewing a person about recent polls regarding our upcoming elections. Three parties are neck and neck while the fourth is not even on the radar. It was the following numbers that caught my attention and made me laugh. The person said that party A had fifty percent of the votes, party B had forty five percent, party C had forty percent and party D had twenty percent. Huh??? What is this that new feel good whole math, where we accept any answers as long as you tried? I think an explanation is required, one at least to show us how they came up with these numbers. In my mind they seem one hundred percent off.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Danger in Looking Back.

After a breakup, if we could look back, if we could go back in time, if we could reclaim those first feelings, I wonder if the outcome of a breakup could be reversed. I have entered into a very dangerous space of reliving the days when I first started dating my ex. It happened by accident, someone started reading some of my old posts which called the old titles forward. I forgot how much I went into detail about starting a relationship. I made the mistake of reading them, they awakened dormant feelings. I found myself reliving exciting moments, funny moments, intimate moments and a flood of emotions started to return. The excitement of a new relationship, my first real relationship, that's something powerful and I believe it when it's said you don't forget your first. I should have left that genie in a bottle however. I wonder if I had thought to read my posts when things were coming apart in our relationship, if I had sat down with Dave and read some funny moments, awkward moments of our first dates, first weekend together, first meeting of each other's family or friends. Would that have been enough, would that have been the reset button, would it have made us realize why we got together in the first place. Maybe not, maybe life just got in the way, maybe we were too far gone, maybe we would not have been able to draw raw emotions from those posts. I am glad I put those thoughts down, I think most people would enjoy having those feelings return, especially couples who have been together for years. Just right now for me, I will read them another day, because the end of a good relationship is like the death of a friend and sometimes a person doesn't want to relive that loss.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Simple Job Choice.

I have no problem with a person who is deeply religious, I have no problem with the government staying out of the practices of a religion as long as it doesn't affect others. I have no problem with someone displaying their religion at work weather it's a cross, type of clothes they wear, even the dreaded tiny Christmas tree etc, etc. However I have a huge problem with someone who is in a government job and discriminates against others because they feel their religion allows them to. The choice is clear, if you are in a secular position, you carry out your duties according to the law of the land. If you want to work according to your religious beliefs, then you should get a job within that institution, where you can be bigoted to your little heart's content. Of course I am talking about the lady who is trying to make herself look like a martyr by not granting marriage licenses to gay couples. Here we go again, pick on the gays. I wonder how many do and do nots she skips over to make her life easier, I doubt she follows every rule. If she is so religious, why does she give other couples a license, if they are not part of her religion, is that not a false marriage according to her beliefs? These types of religious groups are sickening in the fact that they go looking for a fight and then cry foul when it comes to them. I am not going to argue this same problem over and over, it's a simple choice, if your job includes giving marriage licenses to gay couples, then give them a license, if you won't perform your duties then get the ffff out so someone who will do the job can.

Sweetie, your daddy is a hottie!

We have plunged into fall weather over this weekend, I even lit a fire today in order to get that damp feeling out of the house. However the past two weeks were unusually hot, more like July weather and not September. One wonderful day on my way to be a corporate slave, I was watching the runners along the canal. Again, many were shirtless and I could see they were very very very healthy. One guy really caught my eye, he was so well defined, handsome, probably late twenties. The thing I found so cute was that he was a young daddy, out jogging with his baby, he had one of those special jogging strollers and he was going at a good clip. The other thing that made my day as the big smile on his face, ear to ear as he kept proudly looking down at his little bundle. ___________________________ Sometimes I feel so dirty but in situations like that I can't help thinking, out there is a really lucky woman who gets to have regular sex with that guy! I hope she appreciates what life gave her as a partner lol. Same at work, I can't tell you how many times some freaking hot guy will confess to me that his wife never wants to have sex. I shake my fist at the sky, yelling why why why. I quietly say under my breath, how it would be every day if I was their partner. I am a nester, I want the happy ever after, I am not into the drunk doing it in the woods with strangers kind of gay man. So if a cute man wanted to be with me, he would never have to sleep on the couch. Especially that hottie daddy jogging by me. Sorry I just don't feel like thinking too much, so my default is cute men.