Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ghost of Christmas past.

I hope anyone reading this had a good Christmas. To be honest I have not enjoyed Christmas for years now. It is the memories of past years that make me more lonesome than happy. I used to have the picture perfect Christmas, with decorations, baking, grandma's house, cousins on the skating rink, the whole nine yards. Time, time was my grinch that stole my Christmas. Most of my family is gone now, making it hard for new memories to compete. This year however I had a slight spark of that Christmas spirit back. Even though it rained, even though the wind damaged the roof, even though the water pump broke and the battery to start the snow plough died, even though the winter wonderland looks like monster truck mudrun, I had a good Christmas.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

You better watch out!

You better not pout you better not cry, we are being monitored. I live in the country and it often causes us to cross paths with nature. A few nights ago when I returned home from work, fresh fallen snow revealed a visitor. At first I assumed the tracks were from a stray dog, seeking treats from the house. The little pattern in the snow showed great interest to what was happening inside. Looking closer I realized it was the tracks of a small deer. My mother remarked that the tracks lead to the windows and we could see it must have watched her for some time. There was a simple explanation for this I said, it must have something to do with Santa Claus and he is watching to see if we go on the naughty or nice list. True story!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Welcome to mainstream t.v.

I am a little excited about a commercial I saw on tv today. It was for laundry detergent, not that laundry detergent excites me but the ad featured a clearly gay couple. I know some channels have had gay targeted commercials but they are usually specialty channels. I don't have cable or satellite tv, just the good old mainstream rabbit ears type channels. Today for the first time in a long time, we are represented on the tube. I can't say its the first time period, when I was in my twenties one store tried to be inclusive and ran a Christmas ad, it hinted at a gay couple buying a gift for one of the men's father. It was not overtly gay and yet there was a huge outcry from the public. Certain religious groups threatened to start a boycott of the store resulting in the ad being immediately pulled. I don't think that will happen in this day and age, I think it could even backfire on a group that would try to pull that stunt again. So welcome to mainstream media, where our relationship is treated like a straight relationship, because it is.... just like it!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Life, picture perfect.

The last two nights have been picture perfect, the blue light of a full moon shining on new fallen snow, very Christmas card like. The air so still, it almost feels like an angel is about to speak. Looking at the sky, it is just filled with stars and the cold crispness, gives them the illusion of twinkling. Certainly helps to put a person in the holiday spirit. Nature can create a beauty far beyond what we try to create, no amount of Christmas lights or tinsel can give me that same sense of awe that I felt starring at the sky. Yes, life can be harsh at times, but life is good and we should grab those "wow" moments when we get the chance. In my strange way of thinking, I almost feel it's our duty, so as to honor the people no longer here or unable to live in those moments.