Saturday, April 18, 2015

Made it through.

I finally didn't have to wear long underwear to work this week. I don't have to wear boots anymore. I didn't have to keep the heater on, I was able to drive with the window down. I don't have to worry about ice or snow storms and the day is not over before I finish work. The sun appeared this week, seems we had lost it back in October. Heading home with the sun still in the sky, fresh air blowing in my open window, watching flocks of birds wing their way north, I felt a flicker of relief. The feeling that I made it, I will be okay now, I'm not trapped anymore. I don't have to feel hopeless, spring will rescue me, I've made it through.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Gay Secrets, That Gays Don't Know!

I read the other day about secrets the gay community keeps from the rest of the world. Like anal bleaching, apparently we all do this. I didn't get the memo! Wow this gay stuff is so secretive, that even gay people don't know about it. Why do we bleach, I mean am I supposed to show that off after? Next is the gym, I read that gay people go there to... to, well we are supposed to go there to give each other a helping hand if you know what I mean. Again no memo here, I didn't know this, no wonder so many gay men are hot. I thought they went there to beef up. We keep straight women from marrying men, maybe it would make more sense to think that a woman who hangs around a gay crowd, is likely not a traditional type of woman. So her goal in life probably doesn't include a husband with 2.5 kids. However I'm sure it's totally our fault. We are teaching young men to be gay, through tv songs and movies. This is so dumb, mostly because it's not a secret, most know by now it's true. I was at the national gay agenda association the other night and our guest speakers were telling us how well things were going. In fact they were having a massive gay bi trans orgy after. I was pretty excited but they asked me to leave, they said " Steve you didn't anal bleach, didn't you get the memo, you can't stay here". Apparently we also encourage the keeping of cats as pets, because their independent and aloof nature flies against family values. When did stupid become part of family values.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Aww, an aww moment.

I don't always want to get stuck on the negative side of how gay people are treated. It can be an effort, bad news, like the squeaky wheel, gets more attention. .......................... I love those "aww" moments, where something positive sneaks up on you and you are stunned in a good way. Like the laundry detergent commercial that shows a gay couple playfully picking at each other. It happened to me the other night while watching Flash. The handsome police chief was hurt in hospital and his fiance came to see him. That's right, his "husband" to be. I was thinking, aww so cool for the writers to just slip us in there. Made me all happy inside lol. The best part, the issue was the guy's injuries and not his relationship. So "aww" to finally see our relationships on the small screen, everywhere, just like in reality.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Busy Bloggers.

Many people who I have become blog buddies with, often say that they feel guilty about not writing in their blogs lately. Often time seems to have that way of turning a weekend into weeks into months and the next thing you realize that you have neglected your blog. I am here to tell you that this is a good thing. If life is getting in the way of your blog, then you are certainly doing something right. I find that I write when I am not getting myself out into the real world as much as I should be. Let's face it, if we are off meeting friends, having a room redecorated, going on a date, seeing a school play then we have no time for the virtual world and that is probably a lot healthier. ..............................Everyone just relax its not a job, its more like a hobby and your blog is "yours" write what you want, how you want and whenever you want. Don't let it become a chore and it will be easier to do. .............................. So keep living, if you write I will swing by to see what you are up to, I have enjoyed reconnecting to some of the old blog gang. And if you don't have time, then you probably have a real life so don't worry because you're doing fine lol!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Bring on the freaks!

Okay so freaks is an awfully strong word, I am sure however many gay people can relate to a time in their lives before we came out, when friends thought they were helping by trying to fix us up with every rejected cousin, friend, coworker they had! You know what I mean, "I have this cousin, she is really NICE, or she has a really pretty face, or she may seem clingy at first, or she cries a lot but she is normal, and finally you only have to worry if she stands outside your window at night" all beautiful people I am sure. I just have no clue why they are still single. ............................................ This used to drive me nuts, I never asked people to fix me up and I felt it was intrusive. Plus it was the added pressure that I would be outed, that people would start to figure out why I was not dating. .............................................. Fast forward, now that they know I say bring on the freaks, I am not set in my idea of who I will date. The important things to me really are personality and a good sense of humor, after that its all bonus. Have a chubby cousin, nobody is perfect, an introverted friend, strong silent types are hot, I am not picky, I mean I have standards but I wouldn't shut some one out for having problems with crowds or other human flaws that most of us have anyway. ................................................... I often wonder why my friends don't try this, fixing me up that is, many known other gay people. I wonder if they feel out of their element and so don't interfere, I wonder because before they certainly had no problem with interfering when they thought I was straight. Anyway I just discovered this great site to meet gay men. Its called something like craigsli...... no no just kidding don't worry I won't go there. Although it does seem to have an unusually high number of real freaks on that site!