Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Encore! Encore!

Since I blogged about how surprisingly awesome it was that Ireland allowed gay marriage, I better mention how, happy, relieved, surprised I am that the neighbors to the south did the same as well. I thought the religious right would prevent it, so I was really shocked to suddenly hear marriage was now an option for gay people. Plus, how inclusive could American culture get, to have a black president come out to announce a gay marriage law and do it in a respective, reflective and positive light. Really, if I told you ten years ago this would happen, would you have believed me? No, you would have thought I was a naive Canadian who knew zip about the U.S. Most of all, I really have a soft spot for my fellow bloggers and so I was excited that this step towards being fully included into society was given to my Yankee doodle blog buddies. I think the best way to end this post is to quote a great line I heard on a news cast, "remember this is no longer gay marriage, it's just marriage for two people who love each other".

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Want to post, but nooo time!

Work and life (usually involving more work) keep getting in the way of my posting. I'm always running out of time. Things come into my mind while driving to work, or from work, but but but, stuff always needs taking care of. So at the end of my day, I jump into my bed, pull the covers up and go to sleep, like right now

Friday, June 5, 2015

Well Shimmer Me Shillelagh!

Oh now pass me potatoes but did ye hear the good news. Ireland overwhelmingly voted in favor of gay marriage. Leaping leprechauns, Catholic Ireland! Bless the Irish, they understand fairness. I actually thought it would never go through, I was so wrong and I am enjoying being schooled in not jumping to conclusions. Can you believe it folks, the world is coming to terms with accepting us, yes there is still a lot of hate in other countries, but for now let's take this victory and celebrate. Made me so proud of my Irish heritage. Plus Irish men were just voted most sexiest by some magazine, now we can marry one of them!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Their Personal Homecoming.

I don't know very much about transgender people, on my own journey to admitting who I really am, I certainly gained empathy for their issues. I used to be a little uneasy about the thought, fearful that maybe I would realize one day that I was supposed to be a woman. I think many gay men can see both sides of genders and that can be a bit confusing for a young gay man growing up. It was very shocking and to be honest, frightening for me when I began to realize that I was gay. I can't even begin to understand what it must have been like for a young person to realize that they are in the wrong body. .............................. This week a certain past Olympian took another step towards being who she really is. I was watching the news and the clip came on about a photo shoot. I was beginning to roll my eyes until I saw the pictures. I suddenly felt this person was "home" she was where she was supposed to be and I'm happy for her. No other comment, the pictures spoke their thousand words. I also have this feeling that transgender people have just been giving a gift, hopefully a gift of acceptance and understanding from the general population. My wish for the people who are still out there struggling with identity issues is that they find their own personal homecoming as well.