Monday, August 24, 2009

Montreal Part Deux

Me and the honey bunny went to the Pride Parade in Montreal, I went to see all the gay people and you know what, there were hundreds of the little buggers there! I have read on some of the other blogs where the writers felt the parades are becoming the "same old, same old" and I could see that being the case. For now however I feel I should support them as they meant a lot to me when I was coming out, I used to go even before I was out, I just felt the need to be around other gay people in those days, I needed to know I was not alone. The parades used to offend me a little at that time to be honest, I hated to see guys in dresses for fear of being stereotyped, now I understand gay culture better and the guys in dresses are my favorite, the more outrages the better as most of it is just fun. I did feel this year in Montreal the parade was a little hijacked by other political agendas, I think gay people still have enough problems without bringing in conflicts from other countries etc, which have nothing to do with gays as a community. It was long and took most of the afternoon, over all I enjoyed it and we went to shake our booties after.

No no it had nothing to do with all the hot guys that were there with their shirts off! I'm not that shallow, no really I'm not, okay well maybe just a little, ahhhhhh men, man meat, beef cake, sooo beautiful. Okay I'm back to earth now.

A little sample of what we saw. People always say that the women in Montreal know how to dress and keep themselves looking good, well I'm thinking a lot of the guys in Montreal know how to make themselves look good also and not just gay men, there were a lot of straight guys there with their girlfriends and they were smoking hot! Dave and I agreed that one of the hottest guys there was a straight guy with his girlfriend, we could not stop watching him dance at the party after, I think he was one of the better dancers there as well, no I did not take his picture and yes we are sure he is straight, lucky girl! ;)

I always feel sad when we have to leave a gay event, having to step back into a world that is not always so open or accepting, oh well, screw them!

Oui oui Madame, you certainly have style. What the heck, uncle John is that you? Just kidding.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back on the hom-o front!

Things have been going really well between Dave and myself, in some way our separation has brought us closer together. Dave often comes to visit as I will have to stay with Mom until she sells the farm. Mom likes Dave, she of course thinks he is a really good friend but has had one too many shocks lately, so we will leave it at that. Dave did get to meet Dad once last year, that is important to me, Dad liked Dave, he had said to Mom later "he seems like a nice lad".

Last weekend we went to Montreal with two gay friends, actually we met one for the first time as he was on vacation from England, he was easy to talk to and we had fun. The city was having a diversity weekend, lots of cute gay guys around but I of course forgot my camera. If this sounds familiar to people who read "Sticky Crows" Torn's blog, it is because that is the city he lives in. This weekend is the Gay Pride parade in Montreal and we plan on going, mostly because the one in this city is a bit lame, three drag queens and a guy in leather harness, well maybe not that bad, there were actually two guys in leather harness. Any way we want to be with "family", our code word for gay people, Dave or I will say "family" when we think someone is gay, just a silly game we play. Dave and I walked around the city often holding hands, it no longer feels like a huge step for me, a long way from where I was two years ago. To be honest I would still be careful where we do that but Montreal is very open and if you are in the gay village area, no one cares. I laughed to Dave, pointing out that it is mostly straight guys holding onto their girlfriend's hand in the village, maybe they are afraid some guy will hit on them so they are trying to say "see I'm with a girl"! Sorry straight guys, it only makes us want you more! Muhahaha!

This makes me think that it will be two years this month since my first coming out, it just feels so right. I think how well it went, how good and understanding my friend was to me that day. I forget what a huge leap it has been for me, going from not wanting to say "I'm gay" out loud in case the walls might repeat the words, to walking around holding Dave's hand in public.

I confess we went to see strippers the last week in Montreal, well it is not like we do it all the time and heck, I've been a good boy all my life! At the end of the night one cute guy must have been a fireman because he pulled out a hose, we sat there dumb struck, I didn't know they came in that size! We still play the "cute guy game" as well, saying "7" or "10" when a cute guy walks by. I really feel the need to work out however when I'm in a gay village during summer. A friend asked if I was in hot shape, would I walk around with my shirt off? I am a total yes on that, I would want to show off the goods, I don't see any problem with that as long as I kept a healthy attitude about it. There are guys that are so hot, they know it, they show it, however they are sweet hearts and fun to be around and that is okay in my books.

Dave and I have been taking time to get away together, we have taken in a few sights as well. I feel now that it is just part of working at a relationship and no longer working at 'being gay' and I think this is a good place to be.