Sunday, February 15, 2015

Oooover the hill.

The number one issue I have with gay culture, is the prejudice regarding age. It seems "gay years" are worse than dog years. A thirty year old gay man is (I think) like an old dog ready to be put down. If you hit your forties, then it's game over, time to be stuck in the compost pile. I have no problem with young men wanting to be with other young men, that's just normal. My issue is all the older men looking for a boyfriend and saying "no one over twenty five". I'm not blind, I get it, a healthy young man is nice to look at. Sure its good for the ego as well if a handsome young guy finds us attractive. However a lot of good men will get passed over if all you do is obsess over age. I know people will say preference blah blah blah, still I get sick of being made to feel like I have done something wrong by getting older. If I could have stopped it, I would have!................................................I'm not judging those relationships with guys of different ages, if it works the more power to you. I understand as well, sometimes people just fit, plus relationships will happen even when you may not be looking for one, that's just life.............................................I would like to hang onto my youth, those were exciting times (and bad times) and I wonder if that has something to do with the obsession of youth. We can't hang on however and to be honest, what would I have in common with a guy half my age. I could close this off by saying, give guys your own age a fair chance. It's probably more fun to end it by saying that if you need to rob the cradle, you are probably a shallow jerk and I wouldn't go out with you anyway, but that would be judgemental and wrong of me lol.