Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Internet Anonymous Meeting?

 Like going to an A.A meeting, maybe we need an I.A meeting; however I think yesterday was more like an enabler meeting... lol. I thought that I had problems, you poor bastards need help! Just teasing, forgive my potty mouth. I think structuring a time limit is probably a good way to go. Last night I was trying not to go over my limit, I was doing ok but then I decided to "just check for messages" and fell down a rabbit hole, not too long but I realized that I had gone past my bedtime, "ahh mayochup"!

 Day two of doing better, hmm we shall see, I am actually posting before work, hmmmm but this will be short. Anne Marie said a person is healthy if they admit to watching and liking porn. I'm a very very very healthy person then because WHOO WEEE do I like porn! I used to think that was mainly the problem; however I soon realized that if I cut porn out of my online experience, then I spent hours looking at other things on line to fill the void. Also to be honest porn is not a large part of what I am doing, I email, text and chat mostly, that's why I feel loneliness is a huge part of getting lost on line.

 The online time has wiped out my television time and that doesn't worry me because television is 80% garbage since they have been cutting out more and more educational programs. Being part of a nerd-ish herd I did prefer watching things like science type shows but most programs are fluff now. What does worry me is my "real world" time that the online activities cut into. Like doing laundry, checking a few emails, then suddenly realizing that three hours have past, it's bedtime, the clothes are still soaking wet in the washing machine and I need them for work the next day. My time is up, see you tonight.


Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Yes, we all,probably need an IA meeting. Like you, I read news online mostly. It’s more immediate and you can check your sources but it’s a rabbit hole. Same with tv. I don’t have cable so I stream everything.
And I agree, it’s all about timing ourselves. Reclaim your ‘real world time’! I promise I won’t suggest more of that porn I keep in my Pages section!


Tio Walter said...

When is the next meeting? Can I dial it in through internet? Don't mind me if I'm not looking straight at the camera. I may be watching porn playing on another window.

anne marie in philly said...

I watched some porn after I posted that comment this morning; got MY motor started!

perhaps you may want to set a timer; once it goes DING, your internet time is up.

Mistress Maddie said...

Remind me to check your hands for callouses. Once married, I like a smooth hand to handle my junk.

Deedles said...

I guess I'm unhealthy (that's a given), uncaring and a non thinker because I don't care for porn myself. I get embarrassed by the visuals. I do enjoy erotica though. It has to be in book form. Reading turns me on (as far as I can be turned on) more so than watching. Anyway, I find on my more obnoxious days or during mild depressions staying away from the internet helps a lot. Then I start missing all of you guys, and I don't even blog, or twit, or facegram, or instabook. I'll attend the IA meetings, but you'll have to duct tape my mouth!

Old Lurker said...

Hello, my name is Old Lurker, and I am an Internet Addict.

I admit that I am powerless over the Internet, and that my life has become unmanageable.

I don't (yet?) believe that a Power greater than myself will restore me to sanity.

I have not made a decision to turn my life over to this Higher Power, as much as I wish I could be a Christian.

I have made a moral inventory of myself, but it is kind of craven and shallow.

I have never, ever, ever revealed many of the awful things I have done, on or off the Internet.

I have made a partial list of the people I have harmed, but am too craven to make amends to any of them.

I don't think I have even tried to make amends to these people, although I probably would if I knew it would harm them.

I avoid taking inventory and self-reflecting whenever possible, because doing so just results in more morose navel-gazing blog posts.

I am bad with both prayer and meditation to this Higher Power.

I have had no spiritual awakening. Instead I wallow in the morass of my own self-delusions, but I do my best to spread those self-delusions to others.

Hrm. Looks like I am not doing those steps quite right. I miss the days when I was blissfully unaware that AA was a Christian recruiting cult. But struggling to keep my internet usage under control has been a struggle I have been losing for 20 years. It has cost me my job, my friends, my family. I have missed opportunities and hurt people because I cared more about surfing the Internet. In many ways the Internet has ruined my life.

However, there is no reason to believe that I would have been functional without the Internet. There is a fascinating book called The Time Trap written in 1990 which details all the fascinating ways people procrastinated before computers.

Old Lurker said...

Deedles: I miss you when you are away. This is more enablement, I know.

Maddie: That is what houseboys are for.

Jimmy said...

Steven, think of the money and gas you are saving from cruising truck drivers and going to rest areas on the Interstate Highways (or whatever you call them in Canada).

Old Lurker: Remember after you lose your job and family, Salvation Army is there to direct you to Christ!

Mistress Maddie said...

Your right Old Luker...but sometimes they don't seems to appreciate the raise they get.