Monday, August 6, 2018

A Home for Lucky.

 This one is for the animal lovers. While reading another blog today I was reminded of a feel good story that played out two weeks ago regarding one of my roosters. I finished hatching chicks back in June and I no longer needed a backup rooster. The backup is the one waiting in the wings (no pun intended) in case something happens to the breeding rooster. Out of a little sense of superstition, I always name the backup rooster "Lucky" because as long as he is around, nothing bad will happen to the main breeder, if you don't have a backup, some bizarre accident will happen to your rooster and you are left with infertile eggs.

 I have very, very low tolerance for bad rooster behavior, aggression towards me is a big no no but especially towards the girls (hens). Towards other roosters or other animals is acceptable because he is just doing his job defending his ladies. My backup was a nice big black cock, yes my own bbc, no actually he wasn't that big, I just wanted to get to say bbc. I noticed this rooster was a real Casanova, I gave him three girls of his own for company. He was never rough with them, more suave like a real ladies man. He would spill some grain out of the feeder and then pretend he found the mother load, when the girls came over, he would smoothly say, "hey baby since I found all this grain for you, why not give me some sugar in return". He also had the best crow of the two roosters, very Disney perfect crow. I had to remove him from the pens eventually and he would follow me around the farm, just standing there watching me work, like a little kid trying to see what I was doing. Sometimes he would follow the old cat everywhere and I realized that he was lonely, I also realized what a character he had and thought it would be sad for him to end up as soup. I put down my tools one day while he was watching me and said, "I am going to find you a home Lucky, you will make a great pet for someone".

 "Is this my good side Steve", yes Lucky you strike a pose well. I would just like to say to that other blogger, this is a rooster! Seriously a gay man should know c... Usually it's very difficult to find a decent home for a rooster, most people don't mind hens but not a rooster. After weeks of searching I heard about a friend of a friend, she liked having a rooster around but someone had given her a ten pound velociraptor disguised as a rooster and everyone in the family was terrified of leaving the safety of the house. With some negotiations    
the offending rooster was sent to jail to do time with some carrots, celery, onions and potatoes.

I sent her a picture and invited her to come meet Lucky. They hit it off, his character came through. A few days later she came to pick him up, he would have fififteen lonely ladies to attend to. After a couple of days I received an email thanking me, she said that her family loves to sit outside with their morning coffee and watch his gentlemanly interactions with his flock, and they enjoy how he actually likes people. I was thinking, fifteen service calls and a fan club watching the show, you couldn't be more lucky for a rooster.

However Lucky is not completely gone, this is his first wife with his little family.


Mistress Maddie said...

Now first off, I was hung when I did my post!!! But the bird was pretty so I couldn't resist posting her picture. And as for the feeding, I have one for you and the Lad.

Second- " I also realized what a character he had and thought it would be sad for him to end up as soup." If he hadn't found a home why would he have to end up in soup?

Third, I could never farm, hens and cock are to pretty to be put down. I may have to become a vegetarian. I would get to attached. So looks like it's back to the cock I love the most and can devour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old Lurker said...

It is kind of you to share your big black cock with friends. I am not sure it is so wise to be posting said cock on the Internet for everyone to see. What if a future employer sees this post?

John Going Gently said...

They joys of a bad tempered rooster!
I've had many in my time ....and I have found the "walk round with him firmly tucked under your arm" to be the best method of control
I had a particularly agressive bantam called bogbrush who I swung a tin dog bowl at in anger after he had attacked a few hens
I killed him with one blow by accident x

Deedles said...

@Maddie- from what I've seen of your underwear pix, you're always hung so how is that an excuse?
Steven, that is a mighty fine cock you've got there! I've been waking up to a big black one for 43 years now so I know from whence I speak!

Richard said...

This blog if full of double entendres!

Mistress Maddie said...

Richard- That is going to be Steven's drag name, Double Entendre!

Deedles said...

Maddie, that's a lot better than my drag name for him: Cock O'Doodle. I'm not a professional. I need a lot more practice :)

Richard said...

Maddie - We'll nickname him Double E.