Wednesday, September 24, 2008

He's Gay? O_O

I can't believe it! This morning I read where Clay Aiken said he is finally admitting he is gay! I mean who is next? I never saw this coming, I am just in shock! My gaydar must be broken because I never for a second thought he was gay. I guess you just never know who could be one of us!

He says he is doing it because now that he has a son, he does not want to raise him to lie or hide who he is. Good for you Clay, I hope you find someone special and can move on with your life, the life you are suppose to lead.

Speaking of idols, on the home front with 'Canadian Idol' ...and the next Canadian idol is... gay! The winner of Canadian idol is gay and even spoke about a boyfriend in one of the earlier shows. I am glad that most people either missed what he said or did not care and he won. I wanted him to win, not because he is gay but because he was my favorite, give a listen to Theo Tams and tell me what you think!

Theo beat out Mitch MacDonald who was a folk/country type singer, I did not feel Mitch should have made it to the number two spot but I still liked him, plus he is cute to look at, if you want, listen to Mitch.


S said...

I always knew that about Theo.

I mean, how can you not?

He was clearly the most talented one on the program.

Anonymous said...

Most of us realized that about Theo, but it didn't matter to us whatsoever. What mattered is that he is loaded with talent and is a great singer and musician. He's a super nice guy too so who cares that he is gay. We Canadians are mostly an easygoing and accepting bunch. We are more interested in Theo as a great artist than we are interested in who he is attracted to. We fell for him just as he is, and we love him just as he is. Sexuality has nothing to do with the fact that the man oozes pure talent. This straight gal says Theo rocks!

Peter said...

Next out: Ricky Martin [why do you want kids but no mother?!]

Stays in the closet: Tom Cruise

Vic Mansfield said...

Well, I'm barely out, but I'll never make the cover of People. Oh, well.

Doug said...

Re: Clay: it's about time we had some good news!

It's really awesome celebrities and up-and-coming celebrities can come out and still succeed. Times are a-changing for the better.

Anonymous said...

Well since I am in the process of coming out I need a mag cover photo shoot! lol

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he finally did it so now that can be put to rest. It got a bit annoying with all those correspondents trying to get it out of him.

Stephen Chapman said...

I wish I'd had the guts to come out so young - but maybe not so publicly.

In the UK, our gay TV winner (from years ago) is Will Young. Should be a worldwide star, not just in the UK.