Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bad Disney Movie

On this sad anniversary for my neighbors to the south, I have to say that the rest of the world is watching your elections. Like it or not, what happens in the States, affects the rest of the free world. This may sound offensive to my American readers and I certainly don't mean it as disrespectful because the US is one of the few countries I would want to live in other than Canada, however I feel that most Americans still don't "get it". Meaning that with all that is going on in this world and the threat that is out there directed right at you, I still keep seeing the same stories over and over of Americans debating about Palin's daughter, that Obama is black, who slept with whom and even the gay marriage issue I think may be being used as a distraction. I think if I was an old man and my campaign was running low on steam, I would add in a hockey mom from the sticks to speak to the average couch potato with the added controversy of her not supporting sex education and having a pregnant daughter. Just think however, if McCain kicks the bucket, Palin represents you on the world stage, hockey mom versus suicide extremists, nice. As your neighbour to the north, you could forgive me for being concerned. Today I saw a news clip of the actor Matt Damon and I think he expressed this well, I am not a fan of actors telling people how to vote but he does give a person something to think about, especially the part about Palin having the nuclear codes to the most destructive force on earth. See Matt here.


gay, christian and scared shitless said...

My gosh, Matt D acttually speaking sence????

But in all seriousness the states have some though and easy descisions on their hands.

Will said...

Have you seen the interview with Charlie Gibson, excerpts of which are being shown all over the TV news? She's dumb as a post.

It turns out that she's qualified to deal with a newly bellicose Russia because you can "see Russia from Alaska." In other words, because a god-forsaken piece of rock at the far end of the Aleutians can see a god-forsaken rock through the fog at the outer limits of Russia's islands, she's going to be just fine for any crisis with Vladimir Putin.

God help us.

Anonymous said...

I am ABSOLUTELY tired of everything you have mentioned. You and I seem to have that same aggrevation toward people's naivety. I am so glad that my state of Illinois is NOT a "swing" state or my flat screen TV would have been ripped off my wall by now. ;-)