Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Many days I like to go over to Dave's house and since it is not close to me, when there I spend the night. I like his place better as he is in a nice small town. It is a little bit of a gay 'Twilight Zone' there as everyone knows Dave is gay and I am his boyfriend, so far I am always treated well.

The other evening I was out running errands and had told Dave I would not be able to come over. After I finished getting what I needed, it suddenly hit me to keep driving and head over to Dave's and surprise him. I realize now I probably should have called, it is his place but it never occurred to me that maybe I should not always just pop over when ever I feel like. When I arrived his car was there but the lights were off and it was only eight. When I went in I realized he was upstairs and since the shower was not running I wondered to myself what could he be doing up stairs. I worried that he might be sick so I went up to see if he was okay. Yes, he was in bed and no he was not alone.... when I walked up there he was, lying in bed with Toby... his cat. Seems he was really sleepy and turned in early. Yes I am a little stinker, did I get you? Did you think I would find another man? This is all true by the way and the funny thing was he was not that surprised to see me, however he was really happy I came over. Just thought I would lighten up the mood from the gloom of the last few days.

On another note, this past weekend tickets went on sale for Celine Dion in this city. Dave and I both wanted to see her as she puts on a really good show. I think her voice is one of the best female voices out there, I am not the kind of fan that follows her every move but I do like to hear her from time to time, I will agree that sometimes the radio stations play her songs over and over a little too much but that is not her fault . There is a ticket outlet near me and I went there early to get good seats as the tickets sell out in an hour sometimes. I also went early since it is a small unknown outlet to make sure they were selling her tickets, if not I would have to try on line. The guy assured me and others that "yes" he was selling the tickets but not until the set time later that morning. I brought my morning coffee with me and waited there. When the time came and he went to sell the tickets he said, "oh yeah sorry dudes, my mistake, we are not selling them here". I was so p... I mean ticked off! I scrambled to another store but they were not selling them either, then I headed home to get on line. However when I got home all the good seats were already taken and for two hundred I could sit up with the pigeons and watch her. No thanks! I was boiling, that dumb ass, how could you not know whether you are selling them or not! If he had of said no I would have come back home and tried on line, I know I would not have bought seats near the stage but I probably would have gotten good seats. Grrrr, never come between a gay man and Celine! Well so I got the guy fired! Fired! Fired! Okay not really as I would never do that to a person but in my little world he was fired and Celine sent her car to pick me up personally and apologize for the guy's actions.

Another note to beautiful Celine, she does have a gay following and they say it is because of the music and the fabulous shows. It is fitting however that she has a gay following because many people outside of Canada do not know that she wrote and sang a beautiful song in french about falling in love with a gay man. Way way back in the beginning of the 90's when being gay was still taboo in most circles. The english stations would not play the song and did not want her to make an english version. As a young gay man, I loved the song because it touched a nerve, her in love with someone that could never love her back. That was me and ever guy I had a crush on growing up, so I felt her pain. In the video it was a bit homo-erotic and the gay characters were cute, not like the way gay people had been portrayed in TV and film up to that point. By today's standards the video is tame but remember this is well before Will and Grace, Queer as Folk etc. I just remember thinking "I hope this lady does well for herself, someone who understands us and shows gay men in a positive way." I think she did do well for herself! I love the last part of the song where she basically says converting from french to english "I love him its not my fault, just the same I know, he will love me...never".

The song is called Ziggy, that is the name of the guy she falls for. You can see the video here, there is an english version but the words and meaning were changed to make it acceptable for english stations, it is not as beautiful as the french version but it would give you an idea of what she is saying. Plus check out her hooker boots!


Anonymous said...

OMG I was so ready to yell and scream about him being in bed with another man! lol That was pricelss...thanks I needed it too. of my favorites of course as well

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Thanks Derek, I guess no one else thought it was funny. :(

Sorry folks but I am a total brat.

TWISI said...

i am glad he was in bed with the cat, this story would have been much different if it went the other way!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Kendall, oh heck yeah it would have been different! It would have been either my first Lorena Bobbit slicing action or my first three way! O_O