Friday, September 19, 2008

Elections, Blah!

Since Canada is having an election as well as the US, I listen to the news and ads to figure out which way I will swing my vote. I don't know about you, whether in Canada or the States, but I feel at times that no one represents me. The Left and Right just seem to argue over the stupidest things lately and no one is addressing anything that really affects my life. It seems to have become a "got you" contest or offers of promises that I know they will never keep. I blame the media for trying to make this a soap opera, who said, did, went with whom. I blame the voters for letting them run with this. We started off better up here in Canada but then the news focused for a week on a cartoon about one party leader being pooped on by a bird. None of this crap (no pun intended) will get my vote. I want to see tax relief, I want to be able to get a decent family doctor, I want to know what will be done to help the economy, I want little bastards who prey on people punished, I want to know what will be done for our boys fighting over seas, I want the border watched better, I want someone to finally admit that when the price of gas jumps ten to twenty cents over night for the same gas in the same tank as the day before.... there is certainly price fixing! Why send someone to my door with pamphlets that can't answer questions about the person they are representing, don't bother me during dinner then, the pamphlet in the mail was enough, I don't need more! I just feel that for someone who is 'middle of the road' about issues and thinks we should deal with everything using a little common sense, there is no one out there for me. I guess this is frustration speaking but as for the people who come to my door, I feel that politics has become that person's career and they mostly are focused on getting themselves into the food trough.

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Joe Jubinville said...

The U.S. presidential campaign has been way over the top this time, now skidding into the outright grotesque. Neoconservatism is bankrupt on so many levels, and taking the nation with it as we speak. The choice, for me anyway, isn't very difficult this time around. I think it's a real watershed year for American history; I hope it isn't too late.