Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Pride 2019.

 I was thinking I better get this post done before it's been a week since the parade. Interesting (to me anyway), I happen to look back ten years ago to see what I was doing. I was posting about going to a pride parade, only the Montreal one and not Ottawa. I found that startling because it was the last parade I went to, I can't believe it's been ten years since I went. Anyhoo here's some pics.

 Here Debra, some amazing boobs for you! Even better, some nice wholesome lesbian sex slaves with dog leashes and everything.

 Just like with our mayor finally coming out, the beautiful thing about eventually coming out, is it changes people for the better, like this fellow, welcome to the rainbow side.. like father like son?

 I can't imagine how great it is for younger people, sadly they probably don't realize how lucky they are, to get to have gay proms etc. I loved this little guy, he was about twelve or so and was fabulously leading his group in a butterfly costume. The expression on his face was priceless, he loved his role.

 Even though it was downtown Ottawa, surprisingly a group of bears showed up! I want a bear hug!

 It wouldn't be right of me not to include a gay rugby team, drool drool pant!

 Speaking of athletes, how about the volleyball team, drool drool pant!

 Every pride parade needs a unicorn!

 Speaking of animals, lots of people brought their dogs and puppies. This gorgeous young man was so good at keeping his three pups in line. Take note John Grey since you love dogs.

 Of course our special ladies are always front and center.

 Who wouldn't enjoy a burlesque show? Heck I want to go see that. Maybe even get to wear the tassels!

 There was much much more, it was hard to get good pictures but this was a small part of what I saw. The crowd was huge, I heard yesterday that they estimated it to be at least a hundred thousand, I totally believe that number from what I saw, good thing I went because 999 999 just doesn't sound as sexy.  I can remember a time years ago, when I heard 5000 showed up and I was amazed it was that big.

 I always feel very emotional for days after any big LGBTQ event. I spend my life thinking I'm alone only to be snapped into reality that I'm not and that I have a whole community that can relate to me. I never want to leave something like a pride parade. Walking back to my car always feels so weird to me, like for a brief moment I get to live in a world where people are like me, then later I'm transported back to a world I'm not fully a part of.

 It was important that I went this year because of all the bigotry I've heard being directed towards the LGBTQ community in the last twelve months. We got together, we played thumping dance music, we dressed up, (some undressed), we laughed, we cheered, mostly we had fun! I'm so thankful that as a gay man I live in Canada. There was a guy in the parade with a t-shirt that read, "this parade is gay" thankfully.. yes it is!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Thanks, Steven, always glad to see some "amazing boobs!" And I've seen quite a few at Pride Parades over the years. A definite perk!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

That looks like three tons of fun! Love the diversity and the fun atmosphere!
The DarthVader was especially awesome!
Glad you had fun. Ten years go by in a blink


Mistress Maddie said...

I am sooooooo glad you went, and had I lived closer, I would have went with you. Although we may have found trouble. Once married we will go all the time!!!

And having done Boylesque, I can tell you the titty tassels are a bitch to keep on. I use adhesive.

Old Lurker said...

Stop drooling over the gay athletes. They are not there for your objectification!

We need to get you more active in your local LGBTQ+ community. Maybe Debra can convince you to participate in the next Pride organizing committee, or maybe she can get you to go out to eveents run by your local LGBTQ+ community center? It is not good for you to feel so alone.

You could also learn how to play volleyball or rugby...

anne marie in philly said...

DA BEARS! DA ATHLETES! my kinda hunks! looks like so much fun. yeah, you need to hang with your tribe more.

Bob said...

I love a parade but a Pride parade is the bestest ever!

Richard said...

Looks like a great time.

Deedles said...

That bear has some pretty amazing boobs also! Plenty of jahoobies to go around. Maddie, titty tassels? Really? I think, all things considered (I don't exactly know what all things I'm considering), I'd go with pec pasties instead :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Old Lurker likes to poke fun at my terribly earnest, old timey gay advice on how to meet people, BUT I STAND BY IT! Hookup apps are no substitute for meeting real people and making friends. Listen to your Grandma Lez -- BOTH OF YOU!

Dave R said...

We have bears in Pennsylvania, so I'd be surprised if you didn't have a few in Ottawa.