Monday, March 12, 2018

The Miracle of Time.

 Time heals all wounds, only time will tell, it takes time. These and many other sayings are repeated over and over. I always thought time was something set in stone but physicists tell us no, it can bend. I guess that explains the miracle that happens each spring here. The locals whisper about it but mostly I try to keep it quiet.

There is a clock high on the wall in my kitchen, it's above an upright freezer, I need a step stool to reach it so I basically leave it alone. This is the third clock in this spot and I suspect the miracle is because of the violent death the first clock suffered, it was killed by a lightening strike. After that horrible event, we always used the battery powered clocks. Every three years or so I have to put in the effort of changing the battery, other than that it's hands off. Eventually the time goes out of whack and my neighbours begin teasing me about changing the time, which I never do. However at a certain time of year, a miracle happens and people come from the surrounding area to witness it.

 People started silently shuffling in after dark, many older ladies brought prayer beads, some carried holy water. Some people of different faiths came as well. Some people prayed, some spoke in soft voices, some burned incense, some lit candles, everyone was respectful of their neighbour. One man had ear buds in and was quietly listening to the radio, after a few hours he spoke up and said the news was reminding people of the time change. Everyone nodded in agreement and began adjusting their watches. Suddenly one woman gasped and pointed towards the wall!

 The silent room was filled with shouts, gasping, laughter, crying, chanting and singing. People were pointing up, rubbing their eyes in disbelief, the miracle happened, the clock on the wall had somehow corrected itself!

 If anyone new is reading this, sorry you have just been exposed to my terrible sense of humour, I will say that absolutely everything here is actually true except the part of people showing up during the night.


Old Lurker said...

Down with daylight savings time! Who do we have to picket to get this repealed and stay on the summer schedule all year round? Why can't we be more like Arizona? Or Saskatchewan, even?

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Mr Lurker, I believe we're in daylight savings time now, I like this time, the day seems longer. It's hard in winter when they change it and suddenly every night we are coming home in the dark. It gets dark at 4:30 here in winter. :(

Sleep-deprived Lurker said...

Agreed. Down with standard time, then! I think that is what I mean when I say "stick with the summer schedule".

Believe you me I find the winter change difficult. So let's abolish it.

Anonymous said...

I hate clock changing. Every time I moaned someone would tell me how awful it was in Scotland during the winter and Id roll my eyes. Then I went to Aberdeen in December!
By the way I like your miracles.

John Going Gently said...

Strange...I HATE THINGS hung high on a wall! ..ask me why?
I have no idea

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Mr Sleepy Lurker, we are in agreement! Take this evening for instance, 7:05 p.m. and still bright out. Yessss!

JP, once you have been in the grip of winter's darkness, you are forever changed. Muahahaha! The clock is magic half the year.

John, if you don't know, then why ask me to ask you why? Actually anything high is a pain in the butt, especially if it's over something like e fridge or stove.