Sunday, March 18, 2018

Blame Jupiterians, Sunday Sermon (III)

  I blogged this week about a visit I had from a group of Jehovah's hotnesses, yes the spelling mistake was on purpose, I mentioned they looked like GQ models, there is something extra attractive about forbidden fruit. When I lived in the city, I often had visits from Jehovah's witnesses, sometimes I would speak with them, they were always polite and being younger at the time, I often felt it was important for other people to hear what I had to say (so embarrassing now).

 This makes me think about a visit I had years ago. The guys started in about trying times, floods, wars, earthquakes, hurricanes and wondered was I worried about God sending us a message. I said no, you could have heard a pin drop after. I guess most people would say yes it's a sign, fearing the end is coming and that would start them into their sales pitch to join their religion. Finally the man said with complete surprise "no"? I said no, when did we ever not have war, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes. I said if people build homes on a floodplain and then they have a flood, is that God being angry or the stupidity of man. I was going to ask, what about the dinosaurs, evidence shows that they endured harsh catastrophes we can't even imagine and were finally killed off by an asteroid, what sins did they commit, but they don't believe in evolution so the argument would be pointless.

  I wondered about the planet Jupiter, back in the nineties it was struck by comet Shoemaker Levy 9, the impact was so great it could be seen from earth apparently. I heard that if the comet struck Earth, life as we know it would have ended. They say the impact left a huge scare on Jupiter, that's a natural disaster so why was God so angry with Jupiter? What did the Jupiterians do that was so bad? They seem like quiet beings, we never saw a trace of them. Could it be that things just happen, that earthquakes happen because of plates shifting, that floods happen because you built next to a river that floods. Is it possible that I don't need to buy your books or join your religion, is it possible that you already know this but are making good money from scaring people.

That's why I say no, I don't think God is sending us messages, I am fearful of war or climate change or natural disasters but these things have more to do with mankind being cruel or thoughtless, sometimes it's just horrible events in life. This thinking doesn't register with these types of people, they don't want to hear it so I never argue with them anymore. It's like debating with a four year old as to how many reindeer Santa has, eight or is it nine including Rudolf. I am not trying to insult anyone's belief system, I don't know what I really believe anymore, I'm not ready to close the door on religion, there are things out there that can't always be explained so I am not going to pretend I can.

 Regarding the Jehovah's witnesses, I would never think to mention that it's a little ironic that if we discovered beings actually living on Jupiter, the true term for them in english would be a Jovian. I wonder if they would look like GQ models?


Old Lurker said...

Have Jovians accepted Jesus into their lives? If not then they deserve what they get.

Christianity is so weird. On the one hand God is supposed to be hands-off, which is why bad things can happen (at least in the New Testament), On the other hand God works miracles, and we pray to Him for interventions in our lives (or more precisely: pray that we might do His will, and hope that His will is benevolent towards us).

How is your profile on ChristianMingle going, pastor? If that is not working out for you I stumbled across another niche site: .

John Going Gently said...

One visiting Jehovah's Witness kissed Winnie on the nose and her that Jesus loved her

Anonymous said...

I usually don't respond to people ringing my doorbell unless I'm expecting visitors or a delivery.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Mr Lurker, yes you have the free will to choose whatever you want as long as it's what the bible tells you to choose.
I give up on dating sites, they are just another ploy to gather data for marketing.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

John, they will say anything to connect with you. You should have said she is a heathen.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

RJ, sadly that is what it has come to, don't answer the door or the telephone unless you are expecting someone you know.

Anonymous said...

You can knock on my door any time and talk to me about, well....anything.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Walter, do you mean anyone or are you directing that towards me? If you meant me then, awww that's sweet and ok but you are going to have to wait a bit since it will take about two days to get there so I might be a bit late, lol.
By the way, I couldn't comment on your post regarding the movies for some reason, any way I want to see those movies and then I will go back to read your post. :)

Anonymous said...

There are usually 3 reasons someone unexpectedly knocks on our door. They are selling something, pushing religion, or it’s my mother. I usually pretend Im out. If it was a GQ model however, I could be persuaded to answer.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

JP, from what you write about regarding your mother I would totally let her in every time. Just think of the stories I could get out of her about YOU!
I agree, selling, religion or with me it's a neighbour that I can't stand.