Friday, February 22, 2008

Connecting To

I still have to pinch myself, I knew I was heading towards a relationship but I did not see it happening so fast. I guess it is true when they say you can't plan these things. I want to say that I understand that this may not be the one, I know in a few weeks or months we may feel that it is not right for us. For now I want to take it one day at a time and just enjoy the moments, I have been working all my life to get here and I just want to live the moment and not worry too much about what tomorrow means for us. As a lot of you may have realized by now I tend to over think, over analyse everything and I want to just shut that romance killer down for now. It feels so strange, I am a whole person but now I am part of another whole, a connection to another person, a couple.

Everything is still going great between us, Dave is such a total romantic, he makes my heart melt at least three times a day. I spend a lot of time at his place, when I am not there he calls two or three times a day plus half a dozen emails. He tells me things like, he now believes in love at first sight, from the moment he first met me in the coffee shop. Strange how that is, when he first walked in I thought he was very handsome but I figured I had no chance with him, and now here we are. Last Friday I went there to spend the day with him, it went so well he asked me to stay and one day turned into four. He has many layers to his personality, I love that in a person. He has a very masculine side, he works in construction, drives a motorcycle in summer, even takes it to a race track sometimes, however he also has a very soft and loving side to him. He had us take a bubble bath by candle light, he keeps one of my T-shirts beside his pillow, he says because it has my sent on it, when I am not there he says it helps him to sleep. He is my total cuddle bear, we are always snuggling up on the couch together. He is a good cook and is spoiling me with awesome dinners where I am waited on like at a restaurant, when we sit down to eat, we always have to kiss before we start.

Dave is also very much a gentleman, we are slowly getting to know one another, and I mean that in every sense. We are taking our time with all things so no, it is not a wild sex fest. I would have to admit that I am more the aggressor at the moment, years and years of pent up sexual energy, 'lol' I think I may scare him sometimes! Toby the chastity cat also is hard at work, she interferes quite often, wanting to join in on the fun games. Her latest stunt was after getting into bed, she kept rolling her ball with flashing red and blue lights around the bed, it also makes a tinkling sound. I would be kissing Dave and suddenly burst out laughing, I told him I felt like we were being pulled over by the gay police with the red & blues flashing. He quickly hid the ball!

Like I said I may not be around that much for a while, I need to work on the real world now, this is what my blog was for and now it has accomplished what it was intended to do. Have a good week end everyone, I know I will!


Anonymous said...

Love at first sight excists, you're both the living proof of it. Enjoy each other!

Steve said...

Enjoy your time! And yeah, just cut back a bit on the analyzing part.

Love at first sight really exists. Not only you are the living prove of it, but I experienced it as well, in a way: I knew my boyfriend was a special guy for me at the moment I first met him. Although it took us more than a year to get together, we have been happy together for more than six years now!

Wayne said...

Wow! I just read the last several posts. (been away from reading blogs a while) This is great!
So happy for you Steven!

Darth Gateau said...

Love at first sight DOES exist. Nearly 11 years after meeting my other half I can still remember the evening we met I went to the bathroom to have a word with myself - not to blow it as I "really really like this one!"

Your blog was created for a purpose that is now no longer required but many blogs begin as something very different to how they evolve.
Keep writing - you do it so well, just change your slant!

Birdie said...

I come back to read your recent posts again and just melt into a puddle. I'm so happy for both of you. We all love to read about love!

You seem to be well-grounded while your heart flies free. Let it happen. You're right to stay in the moment, enjoying all the wonderful excitement of your new relationship. Remember us every once in a while, please. You have such a terrific way of pulling us into your life. You've made a lot of friends out here. Keep in touch!


Java said...

Wow! I miss a few days and look what happens! Congratulations, Steve. Enjoy. This is the fun part.

danny/ink2metal said...

good on you steven!

i just want to go around singing...
steven and dave sitting in a tree,

i feel so giddy for you because i knew when i first met my partner, anthony 18 years ago, he was the one and he felt the same about me. so i have high hopes for you and dave.

but like you said, enjoy the moment. it's the only way to live a fulfilling life.

so have a great weekend!

oh, and don't you dare stop blogging. you are great at retelling the things that happen in your life and i really enjoy your personality as it comes through your words. so, yes, it would be disappointing if you stopped writing. :-{

Cincy Diva said...

First Love for however long it lasts is a perecious thing. Just enjoy and treasure each moment. I still think fondly of mine and we run into each other from time to time. I love what we had but thank the gods we're not together now!

john said...

Stop over analyzing! Enjoy being in love.

Bill said...

Dave had better get a GPS chip implanted in that cat, in case it mysteriously goes missing one morning!
Have fun!

gay, christian and scared shitless said...

Dude, your making us all feel very lonely. lol, good skills.