Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Single No More, Woo Hoo!

My thoughts are all in jumbles at the moment so this will not be anything deep. I just felt like filling you guys in on the little things that have happened over the past week. Since the Sunday where we finally admitted our feelings for each other, things have been moving at a good speed. We call each other a lot as he is about 40 minutes from my place. Wednesday was ground breaking for me as I had him over for dinner, it was an early Valentine's dinner as he could not make it Thursday. I have never been with someone on Valentine's before in my life, I had always been single until now.

I was not sure if I should get him something, I mean we had only started to go out and I did not want to look desperate (which I am) and maybe scare him off. I got him a card that said how happy I was that he entered my life. I was so nervous waiting for him, he finally came we hugged, kissed and I got him a drink while waiting for dinner to be ready. I decided to give him the card, I was a little embarrassed, he is very much the straight acting type, he is in construction and home renovating so I was not sure how he would take being given a card. He was at first puzzled and I reminded him that Valentine's day was the following day. He said "oh" and looked surprised. I was really starting to feel stupid, acting like a school girl by giving a man a card. Then he had that silly grin on his face, went to his jacket, pulled out a Valentine's day card and a little bear sitting on a heart shaped box with candies, whew, we are on the same page, plus how cute was that! We had dinner, kissed a lot, snuggled a lot, watched some movies, then he had to go as he needs to be up by five in the morning.

The next day he called to tell me that he had been invited to a party on Saturday. He said most of the people were close friends of his, they are all straight but have known about him for a while. He was wondering if I would go with him as his date. I thought this would be a huge step for me, to go as another man's date somewhere, to a house full of straight people. I felt really uncomfortable with the idea, however I have learn to make that feeling go away, I have to head straight into it. I closed my eyes and told him "yes, I'll go with you." I was so nervous but Dave is really good to take care of me and I knew he would not ask me if there was any chance of an issue happening, so I trust him. Two of his friends came with us and I could instantly see that not only was there not a problem with me being gay, but they were beaming that their friend (Dave) had found someone. The rest of the day was the same, no one paid any more or less attention to us than any other guest. In fact some people were very welcoming to me since I was the new guy to the group. Only one guy I could tell was a little startled by it, but he was fine once it sunk in that I was with Dave. I enjoyed the dinner very much and at times I was in awe of the situation, here I was finally, at a party sitting beside a guy I really liked, who was actually my date. I understand more and more everyday what people mean by 'out' is freedom.

On the way home Dave reached over and held my hand while he was driving, at first this made me really uncomfortable because there were three friends of his in the back. I told myself to relax, they care about Dave, they want him to be happy so I closed my eyes and just held on. It was nice, sometimes it gave me a dizzy feeling, I am reclaiming my lost teen years I sometimes think. I feel alive again, like something deep inside has awakened and I am happy in all areas of my life now.

That night he fixed us drinks and we sat on the couch, talking, cuddling and kissing by candle light. He is a big handsome guy but he is also a total romantic and I feel so lucky to have found him. We finished our drinks and he led me up stairs to his bedroom. We lay down on the bed and he started kissing me. Then in a total mood killer, his little cat got up with us and wanted our attention also. She is actually really cute and he showed me how he plays a game with her (yes I am going some where with this) where he runs his hand under the covers and she goes nuts trying to catch the hand that is making the movements and sounds. Finally she leaves and we get back to being together. He turns out the lights, we undress and get into bed. We kiss like crazy, he is such a good kisser, he wraps his huge warm arms around me. I lie on my back and he is lying on his side. He is telling me how lucky he is to have found me, he is kissing me and massaging my chest. However unknown to poor Steven, his cat has stealthily crept back up the stairs and now all her attention is focused on the rustling sound of the hand moving under the covers, on Steven's chest. She quietly glides over to the edge of the bed and in total darkness pounces out of no where onto me! Needless to say this startled the crap out of both of us, I start to laugh so hard that I had to run to the bathroom because the drinks he gave me start to come up my nose. Yeah and you were hoping for light erotica! We laughed for days over this one.

I need to work on this relationship, so if I don't blog for a while, don't worry it is going well and I will fill you guys in. I will also keep checking up on the rest of you to see what you are up to, so even if you don't hear from me, I am following your blogs. I thank all you guys that gave me feed back, advise and helped me to feel good about myself, enough to get to this wonderful point in my life. This is great! ; )


A Troll At Sea said...


Cat or no cat, you are a lucky guy.
Hang on to it, for however long it lasts: living in the moment is the way to go.

Plenty of time for eternity to kick in later on...


Birdie said...

Wow! I no sooner email you to please post and boom! There it is. I must use this power only for good.

I am sitting here smiling at your story. It is so good to read of your happiness, cat and all. Enjoy the ride, honey; we all are.


Bill said...

This was very nice to read. I am so happy that you are finally able to share your wonderful self with someone! He's a lucky man!

Steve said...

Good thing that you went to the party. As you noticed, it gave you a good feeling, and I think it's another important step for you.

Enjoy your time. But let us in on some of the good stuff as well! We as readers would like to share in your happiness.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. Glad its going great. Thanks for sharing this with us. Nice Valentine's idea - just a card. I did the same I think, but I only got to give it a few days after Vday. Happy times...lova ya ;-) (thanks for the link...hugs)

daveincleveland said...

oh dear steven i am really so very happy for you...i am just now beginning to experience the out feeling even though nothing is finished yet i know its coming...hpe mr right will walk into my life as your david did....hugs from cleveland to both of you

Vic Mansfield said...

You were afraid to give him a card? Sweetheart, we are going to revoke your license! Come on, be gay, will ya?

With no posts in a few days, I wondered if something were happening. . . . and I am so glad it did. he sounds soooo hot!

Sex and romance are really better when mixed with fun and laughter. There will always be time for the hot stuff. Go with the laughs, too. and cherish them.

Living our truth is the only thing that sets us free! You go, bro! Blessings and cheers!

TWISI said...

WOW, congrats.... enjoy!

john said...

Hey buddy, you aren't desperate, just expressive.

danny/ink2metal said...

hey steven,

you've done such a great job of reminding me to appreciate what i have. even though i've been out and in a relationship for so long already, your journey has been inspiring. we should all strive to live the life we want.

so thanks for sharing your stories. i really wish you and dave all the best for many years to come.

Anonymous said...

Isn't falling in love the most wonderful feeling? I'm so happy for you! Send some of that good juju my way I could stand to fall in love again. Take care. Jen

K said...

Pussy always ruins a good situation doesn't it?


OH Steven, I am so happy for you! This looks like it could be a start to something special!

JOHANNES said...

I am thrilled. In awe of you finding what I do so hope will be much more than a date and a roll in the sack.
WOW! is all I can say and I wish you all the best as you nurture this.
I know you will keep us posted in time...

Jess said...

Sorry to be late to the party! I'm just catching up on my blog reading.

So, isn't it all exciting? You're taking me for a trip down memory lane! Sounds like you're having fun. That's great! No telling how far things will go with any guy, but have fun and play safe. Time will tell the rest, and I will be wishing you nothing but happiness!