Tuesday, June 2, 2020

When left is not right.

 The "left" always thinks of itself as superior, so when things like racism pops up, the people who consider themselves "left" or "progressive", don't feel that they have anything to learn. They make jokes or sneer at people on the "right" or the "conservative" type people. However the asshats on the left better hold up a mirror when they are looking for racism.

 Last night was a perfect example, the talk show host Stephen Colbert was ranting against trump and talking about racism. Then in the next sentence he makes a joke which implies that all Jamaicans are bong using pot smokers. WHAT THE FFFK! Great there Colbert you freaking asswipe, just go with a racist stereotype while trying to lecture us about racism. Then he went on to imply in a joke that Germans were still Nazis, a part of their past they feel great shame over. A country that rescued a million refugees over the last couple of years. Compare that to the U.S. where people have been fleeing by the thousands to Canada because of their government. No Mr Colbert, you have your geography wrong, the Nazis are in your country, not Germany, in fact the white supremacists elected a leader there. It's why your cities are burning at this moment.

 Same with our Prime Minister, he has jumped right into this topic of racism. He feels this is his moment to shine because he is a "progressive". Unfortunately he has been caught "many" times dressing up in blackface. He felt that he had the right to do it because he was on the left of the political spectrum. I as a farmer's son growing up in the middle of white people nowhere land, surrounded by cows, know that blackface is a very hurtful thing which should never be done. It means the "N" word basically and is just a really low class thing to do. Of course the Prime Minister apologized but my view is he apologized for getting caught doing it and not for actually doing it. My beef with him is he bragged about taking diversity courses in university... and yet he still felt it was okay to do it.

 Words matter, ideas matter, actions matter so it's important to chose your words, ideas and actions more carefully. You can't say that you are not racist because it's "totally different" when you tell a racist joke compared to a right-winger telling a racist joke. People need to look inward, start there and work your way out. A racist joke perpetuates the stereotype of the race being laughed at. A truly progressive person would know that.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, we're all hypocrites in our own way, aren't we, and should all do better. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote: "The line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being."

HuntleyBiGuy said...

We’ve all made mistakes and hopefully we learn from them and are totally contrite when we learn the error of our way. We must acknowledge our failings (I have too many to enumerate) and pledge to do better.

During this very emotional time we must act with one voice and support those who suffer from institutional racism. We can do better. We MUST do better.

anne marie in philly said...

stephen colbert said THAT????? WTeverlovinF?????

OTOH, I admire trudeau for not wading into the dump shitstorm; he was very diplomatic with his pause and reply. that spoke volumes.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

In the effort to be 'woke' many moderates and leftists step in it full on.
I think that late night show hosts do get a pass most times because it's all said in 'jest'. Colbert can be insensitive (a white dude, after all) but his takes on Cheeto are glorious.
The one I cannot really take is Bill Maher. To me, Maher is the epitome of the left-leaning person who is just too extra.
Also, I love it when Trudeau trolls Cheeto. Love it.


Bob said...

When you hear someone say something racist, even if they say it's a joke,shut it down.
Shut it.
I've told the story of racist co-worker, actual name Karen [go figure] and it goes like this:
So, we have a new employee at work and I made the mistake of discussing politics with her; she’s a [t]Rump supporter and literally believes every word the man says.

But then another co-worker and I began discussing the shooting in Charlotte of Keith Lamont Scott and this new person inserted herself into the discussion saying that the Black Lives Matter movement was created by Obama and funded by the DNC.


I replied that I wasn’t sure about that but that I was disgusted by the fact that so many black men — this was the morning we learned about the black man in San Diego shot by police — were being gunned down, and that you never hear of white men being killed by police. She said, and I quote:

“That’s because white people don’t act like that.”

I again retained my calm, and simply held up my hands and said:

“I’m out. That is some racist bull shit. Don't speak to me again.”
And other than work-related issues, she hasn't; but she also keeps her racist bull shit to herself.

Mistress Maddie said...

That's just it. My ex always told me this country will never work with being one sided. The people on far left and far right are to extremists, and are to close minded to change. The best politicians and people have to have a good balance.

Never got Stephen Colbert. And Prime Minster Trudeua I do like him, but he does come across as a wimp sometimes. But he needs to verbally come out and call trump out. These leaders just become as complicit as trump by not calling him out on it. I swear everyone seems afraid to call him out and confront him. And we have seen he isn't a big boy....but rather runs away.

RJ said...

Don't you think the right also thinks they are superior?

Anonymous said...

In Brazil, Justin Trudeau would be a center or center right politician.

Bohemian said...

Extremism on either end of the spectrum is exactly that, Extreme! Most who have Extreme Thinking and Behavior need to feel Superior, perhaps they have self-esteem issues, not sure, but a self confident person would not feel so threatened and appear so insecure, just my observation. Balance and Moderation are my goal... and to treat Human Beings with dignity, respect and kindness, it's not so hard.

John Going Gently said...

We need you black faces everywhere
Starting very very early
In books, on book covers, on and in everything