Monday, June 1, 2020

Rainy Monday thoughts.

 Just some of my jumbled thoughts this morning listening to the news. It's almost shocking to think that... if I were bisexual and had a son, I of course as a dad would worry about his future, his opportunities, his safety; however if I had a son with a woman of colour, the darker her colour the more I would exponentially have to worry about my son. That my son would have a much greater chance of being murdered, just because of his skin colour and not because of any action he did. He could be out for a Sunday morning jog and get gunned down. Actually even in the real world my friends did have a tense moment. One woman was worried about her husband. He is of Jamaican decent and for three weeks, he had to go work in the U.S. Midwest. People warned him to lay low and everyone was really worried about him and sadly there was reason to worry.

 This morning I listened to a man here in Canada explain how he as a black man, had to sit his sons down as they were becoming teenagers and explain to them that extra vigilance was needed by them from now on. He had to tell them that for example, if a group friends were doing something wrong, they would most likely be singled out from the crowd as the cause of the trouble, even if they were only standing back watching. He had to stress to them to remain calm no matter how frustrated they felt inside, that showing anger "while black" could get them killed.

 A Canadian mother of a little boy was wondering at what age her son becomes a threat because he's black. She said right now everyone thinks he is so cute and make comments about how sweet he is. It makes you think to hear her say, "but at what age do people begin to see my son as a threat to them".

 I always say that being gay gave me an understanding of other groups. I well remember feeling afraid, feeling being on the outside of society looking in, feeling angry because people would judge me based on a stereotype they had in their head and not on me as a person. I remember as a young man being surprised by black male coworkers getting pulled over all the time. They found that annoying but accepted it. I found it really sad that they just had to accept it. The other thing I noted, was that these black men were often the "accountant" type or "office worker" type. They didn't look like a gang member on his way to a drive-by. I remember one young man saying he gets stopped nearly once a month, I on the other hand have never been randomly stopped in my entire life.

 It's really sad that there are a bunch of dummies and also a bunch of professional rioters that are ruining the protests for justice. Also I wish people would remember Ahmaud Arbery, a young college man, starting out in life, gunned down while out jogging for Pete's sake. That kid's face is just stuck in my mind, so very unfair, he needs to be remembered. Sadly every time these things happen, it's like a treadmill of events with the same results.

A) Person gets murdered.
B) People demand justice.
C) Authorities do nothing.
D) Protests begin to grow.
F) Authorities circle the wagons.
G) Huge protests begin getting out of hand.
H) Authorities begin to rethink stance.
I)   Protests become riots.
J)  Authorities shit pants and finally take action but it's too late now.
K) Protests become growing monster, uncontrollable.
L) People don't care about the why and just want a rage party.
M) Other cities want in on the action, rage parties everywhere, burning, looting fighting.
N) Message completely lost.
O) Riots feed off themselves.
P) It begins to taper off.
Q) Message mostly lost.
R) Some people play politics for awhile.
S) Victim is forgotten.
T) Soon back to same old thing until next time.
U) Only difference this time is Covid 19 is high-fiving itself all over the world.

 Plus it doesn't help having a President that keeps mentally slipping out how much he would like to start shooting at the protesters.


Bohemian said...

Well written and sadly so True in every respect. The Grandson who recently moved to Washington is Gay and Mentally Ill, he's already had some Police Brutality there and said it is even worse than it was in Arizona. My Son had had Police Brutality, he is of Native American and Hispanic ancestry and said even Racial Slurs by Police have been common. I'm not surprised the Black Community is fed up, they've been prime targets for Racism and Hate Crimes for Generations. When I worked at the DA's Office I saw the disparity on Prosecution for similar Crimes, depending on the demographic of the Defendant. If you were Poor, a Minority or a Woman, much harsher sentencing for lesser or similar Crimes.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Any minority or disadvantaged group must teach its young people how to protect themselves against the hate/fear of the majority. It is heartbreaking, as you note, that such survival skills are necessary -- but they are, until such time as hate/fear is eradicated.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Bohemian, I lost faith in the police when it was discovered that cops routinely sexually assault and degrade the female officers, what hope does any minority have with that mindset. Plus Toronto refused to acknowledge there was a gay serial killer on the loose for years so still very anti LGBTQ. I often wonder if it was because the killer mostly targeted gay Muslim men.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Debra, so interesting that you said that. I was thinking this morning, we older gay people had to lean those lessons on our own, we had no family to sit us down and say "be careful, watch out".

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh, you know that every Black parent has to, sooner or later have they talk’ with their sons (and sometimes their daughters). It’s part of survival for some groups.
Racial inequality and racism is a worldwide phenomenon, created and exacerbated by colonialism. But it’s getting to a point where it’s almost unsustainable. I am glad you’re posting about this. As I said in my post, it’s time not to only not be racist but to become anti-racist.


Dave R said...

Racism will be with us for quite some time to come. Progress was slowly moving us forward, until the Idiot Jerk. He is an abomination.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Sixpence, interestingly enough we need to learn our real history, not the one spoon fed to us.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Dave, people like to feel better about themselves by making others outcasts. I have come to realize that only a certain part of society will learn about new things and keep an open mind. Everyone else wants to remain stupid.

Jimmy said...

Organized religion is the Devil!

Mistress Maddie said...

All I can say is thanks goodness we didn't hang together this weekend. The Stevens would have brought each other down. Tis sad times indeed. Hell, I still can't over Puerto Rico citizens are still suffering and in need, after the disasters there. Had they been a rich white state, they would be fully repaired and up and running 100% by now.

That ass had got to go to the guillotine. He's throwing to much gas on the fire.

I was really dark and depressed this weekend.

HuntleyBiGuy said...

Well said, Steven. Will we as a society ever learn? Your time line us spot on. Talk with s cheap. We need action and we need it now. And it has to start with getting that turd and his cohorts out ASAP. November may be too late.

RJ said...

With each passing day, the chances of that man getting re-elected are slimmer and slimmer due to his un-presidential behavior.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

We DID have family to warn us and teach us -- our friends and acquaintances in the LGBTQ community. They're the ones who taught us not to walk alone at night, to park as close as possible to the gay bar, not to engage with catcalls and slurs from haters on the street, etc. etc. etc.

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