Wednesday, September 4, 2019

In a trance.

 I happen to read some of my older posts from years ago and I was reminded of the younger bloggers I had become friends with during that period of my life. At that time, everyone was trying to figure out.. how to come out. There was a large community of bloggers making the same journey and a really interesting thing was the age range.

 I rarely post music videos because most people don't like anything I listen to, I have very odd tastes that range all over. Plus everyone has their own taste so if they hate heavy rock or country, there is no point in trying to create a post around a song. One type of music I used to listen to was New Age, yes.. I know it's weird but I loved it, I believe it let me appreciate what many of the younger guys were listening to. When I first started blogging, a lot of the younger guys were listening to trance and dance music, I listened to a lot of the pieces they recommend and I found myself really liking them. Now however years later; apparently trance has morphed into something called electronic dance music, or EDM as we cool people like to say. I'm not really a fan of it, I prefer the older trance music.

 When I moved back home, I stopped listening and forgot about most of it to be honest but a few weeks ago I started hunting down my old favorites. While listening I keep getting a video recommended so I gave up ignoring it and watch the video. This is interesting, someone took EDM and put it with a video of traditional African dance and it totally works. You have to watch these guys move, they are doing some sort of bird dance but it's not the bird dance at your uncle's wedding, this is like the bird dance on steroids. I get a kick out of it and the first guy is amazing. You only need to watch it half way if you can't stand the music, it starts repeating the dance clips. Their feet must hurt, I don't think they are wearing shoes.


Sixpence Notthewiser said...

You should always post what you like. Your blog is about YOU.
And that’s a super interesting video. The juxtaposition of that natural environment with the heightened artificiality of the music is fascinating. Not much into EDM. I find House more danceable. I even like NuDisco better than EDM.
And come to think of it, I’ve been on blogger for a long time, too. I have other two blogs I have not opened in years!


Deedles said...

Okay, I can't stand the music, not even enough to get half way through this. Whatever became of melody? As I sink from Biddy City into Codger Town, I am reduced to yelling at turkeys (the next generation) to get off of my lawn! I do this from the safety of my house because turkeys are mean! I've missed the entire point again, haven't I?

Old Lurker said...

I hope this is a prelude to you getting out in the dance clubs? Nostalgia is no good if you don't follow through. I bet you could do a pretty good turkey dance.

Sixpence: I had never heard of Nu Disco. I listened to some and it is not bad, but I still find myself missing Old Disco. Does anybody make Old Disco any more?

Speaking of which, I think it is time for Deedles to break out the ABBA.

Bob said...

Every so often I'll come across a piece of music I used to go crazy for and I will invariably think one of two things ...
1] My god! What happened to him/her/them. This is fantastic...
What kind of rubbish is this?

As for blogging, post what you like; if you post to make readers happy, we don't get YOU!

Jimmy said...

How Fabulous! Your best post!!

Deedles said...

Lurkster, ABBA? Bite your tongue, sir! I myself am a Bee Gees fan from way back before their disco days. ABBA, pshaw! Sure, I like Dancing Queen and Fernando. The Mama Mia movie wasn't too bad, except for Pierce Brosnan's "singing". I value my cyber friendship with Anne Marie too much to admit even that!

Mistress Maddie said...

Yes ABBBA!!!!!!!!

I like most music as your well aware...but not heavy metal and very little rock. But I love dancing to house music. I prefer house over trance...just too jittery.