Monday, January 4, 2016

Pretty (cute) In Pink.

Today I had to take my mom to her dentist. While she doesn't like it, I actually look forward to going. The reason totally selfish, her dentist is a cute little gay guy, or a slightly effeminate straight man. He is very bubbly or perky and wears a lot of pink shirts, and may I add, he looks good in them. I think he knows, that we play on the same team that is. I sometimes find myself wondering if he is flirting a little, maybe it's my imagination, he is very friendly with everyone but I get this feeling. It's like he is saying, I'm in the club, we have a special secret bond. He has a great sense of humour, I like that in a person. He seems quite young but it must be good jeans because you can't come out of high school and become a dentist over night. I am ready, if he should ever ask, "want to go for a drink sometime" the answer is yes! Oh I know it won't work out but the answer is yes......... because I want to tap that, lol. ............................................. What is my count now Will? Is this the eleventh day of Christmas? In honour of Will (sorry can't link with this phone) I am leaving my lights up until the sixth, and due to the fact that there is a -30 Celsius wind chill out. Saint Cupidbunny Day was a great success, we had the traditional dinner of crisp beacon strips dipped in chocolate because everything goes good with bacon and because chocolate is, well, "chocolate", you can use turkey bacon if you have dietary restrictions, then we drink cheap wine because that's what the shepherds had in the field when Cupid had to leave. Then you have to go door to door handing out practical gifts like rolls of toilet paper, thumb tacks or toothpaste because everyone can use them and this way you are gifting something that people want, unlike the usual gaudy ties. Honestly it's a thing.

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larrymuffin said...

I wonder do you dress up in a Bunny Cupid costume? You are such a party animal. As for the cute dentist, I say go for it! I am sure your mother would be happy her son married a rich dentist.