Sunday, January 3, 2016

A bit nippy out.

Today I confirmed my position on not taking down my Christmas lights, mostly because the temperature has dropped, more like plummeted, more like came crashing down to the ground. This morning was actually not bad out but now its -20 Celsius with a blowing wind that could shave the hair of your legs off. I thought better to leave them on. The odd thing about this area is this is typical, green Christmas eve and day with early fall like warmth, then freezing your jingle bells off. .............................................. Today I didn't plan it but I have been taking stock of where I am and what have I been doing. I was looking through photos of friends and all the things we were doing and more importantly why I am no longer "doing". No it's not part of a new year list or set of goals, more like, what the heck happened to where I wanted to go in life. How did I chose to get so off track, and so I started emailing everyone, to get back in touch.

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