Sunday, December 30, 2007

I Must Be Gay Because...

Still feeling lazy folks and feeling like I just want to be silly, but hey it is the holidays. I'm happy to see so many of you still with me however! I was laughing with a friend today and playing my game of "I must be gay because".

I must be gay because, even though my family has the Sound of Music on VHS and DVD, I still stayed up late on Christmas to watch it on TV. You will be happy to know that though it came close this time, they escaped from the Nazis again. Stupid brown shirts, you would think by now they would have learned the Von Trapps were behind the head stones, or at least guard the cars from the chop-shop nuns!

I must be gay because, today I spent half an hour ironing my top sheet so that it would look and feel crisp when I go to bed tonight, it must double the gay factor that I will actually enjoy the crisp sheet.

I must be gay because, the thing that has me down right now is the fact that the play Mama Mia came to my city but is sold out, so I won't get to see it, even though I already saw it before. Double the gay factor for knowing all the words to all of the songs in the play, and thinking that the rest of the world is finally catching up to me in appreciating the talent of ABBA. ;p

I must be gay because, I cry like a rain forest at the end of every sappy Ghost Whisperer episode when the people say their long long drawn out good byes. I am also thinking not too many straight guys probably watch that show, so I guess we double the gay there as well.

I must be gay because, I used the word 'silly' at the beginning of this post! That is it, nothing heavy I'm just keeping it light. There are enough bad things happening in the world at the moment so I want this blog to end the year on the lighter side. Besides that is the only fluff that is on my brain at the moment


Anonymous said...

Ironing sheets? And they aren't flannel in the winter???!!! Okay honaye, that's not "gay", that's just "too much time on your hands". Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Wowwww... if all that's true you really are gay! LOL You taking to this whole gay thing like a flamingo to a puddle! When everything is said and done you will be amazed at what a stronger individual you have become.

daveincleveland said...

i now color code my closet and also my sock drawer....never did before......hmmmmmm, anyways handsome, happy new year to you and hope 08 becomes everything you hope for

Java said...

Isn't is ever-inspiring to see those Von Trapps trecking across the mountain?
The one that gets me is Tony in West Side Story. Every damn time he goes to the rumble. I've told him again and again, yet still he goes. And he's always sorry. Then everyone else is sorry, and it's just a mess. A mess with really good singing.:-)

Honey, ironing your sheets? I understand the reason, but really. That may go beyond gay, I'm not sure. We need to call in the panel of experts for a judgement.

I'm so proud of how deliciously gay you've become. My wish for you in the new year is to continue to make excellent progress in finding and celebrating all the gay that is you.

Steven said...

Here's to many more "I Must Be Gay Because" revelations in 2008! All my best for the New Year! I remember when Matt first gave a shout out for your blog and that was when I decided to stop by. Glad I did.

Cincy Diva said...

If I go by your list....I am not gay at all!
Hey Mom! I'm cured! LOL

Happy New Year dear!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Kevin, no not flannel, actually my apt is really hot, maybe because I'm in it! Ba ta boom!

Devon, how can a new friend hurt me so deep! Hahaha! Yes if everyone would just accept the greatness of ABBA it would make them a stronger person and give us world peace, life should be happy like an ABBA song.

Dave, I started color coding my closet as well, yikes and I never did it all the years I was hiding in there! ;)

Java, I'm so glad I have you, before this was an all male domain but its good to hear from the wiser sex once in a while! Ha, I'm going to be in for it over that one! Say does this make you my fag-hag?

Steven, I'm so glad that you did stop by and became part of my blog family! I hope all the best for you as well in 2008. That was sweet of Matt and if I become a world famous blog writer I'll always remember the little people who helped me along the way. Hahaha!

Cincy Diva, no way sister, if I'm gay you are the poster child! ;)
Happy New Year back and I hope better health to you in 2008!

TWISI said...

Happy New Year Steven, I hope 2008 is your best ever!

Wayne said...

Ironing sheets isn't a gay's an obsessive thing!
I've never done it. Hell, I don't even iron my underwear! :-)

gay, christian and scared shitless said...

The sheets do sound more like OCD than a gay thing :-P

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Kendall, same to you as well, I hope you have a great 2008!

Erik, hmmm from what I see I think you are some kind of porn spam, you sent the same form letter to another blog writer and I don't think you actually read my blog since it has nothing to do with porn, so no please don't link me, those are not the kind of readers I am looking for thank you.

Wayne, good one I never thought of ironing my underwear! I remember my mother doing socks and towels. Don't worry I'm only joking about the underwear thing.

Dave, hey handsome, this new picture of you is so much better, the other one made you look older and tortured. Do you know I thought you were about thirty from the old picture, now you look like the cute little pup you are. Don't worry about the ironing of the sheets, it only happens once in a blue moon.

Doug! You just squeezed in as I was answering these comments. Usually your comments are very thoughtful so it is okay to let loose once in a while, nope not over the top! Well I don't get any d*** yet but I like to look at them so I guess that counts too right? ;)

Bill said...

Silly me... I missed this one somehow.

Steven, dear one, there is a difference between being gay and having OCD. Step away from the iron.

I know what you mean about those movies. I keep hoping that Blanche will get her damned ice cream cone in time at the end of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Bill my point is that a straight guy would not be giddy over ironed sheets, yes he might do it out of duty but he would not enjoy them.
As far as movies go, how many times do we tell the actors not to split up during scary movies, but what is the first thing they do! Especially anyone that belongs to any minority group (race, religion, orientation), you know all monsters prefer the taste over bland WASP taste any day!