Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Walk With Me

Okay everyone take a hike! Time to get out for a stroll through the woods. The weekend was a bit wet but Sunday was only cloudy so Dave and I decides to go for a hike after being stuck in the house most of Saturday. It was warm enough and cool enough to be a perfect day for a walk.

When we came to this path it reminded me of Patrick's post about paths and I thought to myself "gee Steve you really need to get a life outside the blog world" ha ha! Seriously it can be surprising how the blog world can touch the real world for me now. This path was just begging us to follow, like opening a good book and wondering what is to come with the next page, it certainly did not disappoint.

Water falls, I love the sound and sight of water pouring over the rocks, makes me feel almost like a kid again. To throw in a stick and watch it flow down, there is also a feeling of freedom with a water fall, as if the river has suddenly escaped it's banks and is making a mad dash to get away.

Don't look down! The river is angry and is attacking the rocks, they fight back and the roars of their clashing drones in your ears, time will let the river win as the rocks wear down from fighting through the years.

The main water falls on the river, it is too bad the camera can't capture the power, sound and mist coming from it. You can feel it in your chest, one of natures perfect scenes.

Back on the path to see where it will take us, the next page to our little adventure.

A pic of some cute guy (depends on your taste) that was walking that day. ;)
Okay its just me.

More fast flowing water, we sat for a minute listening to the water flowing over the rocks, has a bit of a calming nature to it.

The sun was trying to come out on the trail. Every time I went to take a picture the wind would stop, I wanted it to blow because it made for an almost perfect shot with all the leaves falling but I gave up trying.

Some cute guy playing in the water like a big kid, the kind of guy I could really fall for and did. Yeah that's my babe.

Ouch "fall for" most of you will see the possible bad pun in there considering what happened at the end of this hike.

There was a deck that let you go out over the falls to have a closer look. The shots off the deck though did not turn out as the white water was almost too bright and I did not adjust my camera. I did not realize this until I got home and saw the results.

What is a hike without some fall colours. With the clouds above the lighting sucked so the leaves do not show up that well.

From a distance, where the falls and rough water ends to flow into a rocky river.

Everyone is an artist these days, everyone is an earth child. Someone left behind this little reminder of their visit here.

The rock formations here are very interesting, the rock below is heaving up and exposing itself in the layers it was formed out of many moons ago. Some places I could not get a shot but it looked like someone had built walls under the water, yet it was all natural.

A bridge to somewhere, almost like a sore thumb sticking out, I want to tell it "go away, you don't belong here, your going to spoil everything".

Leaves hanging over the water, I call this piece, "leaves hanging over water" ;) Hahaha!

The river calms down, regains it's composure and flows onward, what is around the river bend is a chapter of this book I will not read. It is getting late so we decide to head back, unlike the river we are not free of time and restraints, so we will just use the memory of it to help us feel free.


Greg said...

Steven, its nice to hear you in such a merry mood after the last looks like you really did have a great time (well, up until the near-death experience, anyway...)that day.

Nice to see a picture of you finally - cute guy, indeed!

Your walk in the woods had me missing the Adirondacks...thanks for taking us along with you!

Topher said...

Wow, those views are really nice.
Those stones are lovely in that one pic. It looks like two people facing each other with one of them resting the head on the other's.

Can I get a better quality pictures of you TWO!? I was gonna try to beat around the bush :P but you can either say yay or nay.

Birdie said...

What a beautiful walk. (Even in its beauty, we see that danger can be close.) So glad the two of you are still smiling after your scare. Wish we could see you just a bit better!

gay, christian and scared shitless said...

That just looks lush, im sooo jelious

Anonymous said...

wow that was just so peaceful to red and look at those pictures!

Anonymous said...

I meant "read" see how much the colors jumped out to me? lol

Java said...

Wow, that is beautiful! I, too, am fascinated by that welcome the path is offering. I'm glad that MOST of the hike was wonderful. :)

Glad you're feeling better, too.

Jess said...

Marc and I both love waterfalls. Since my river rafting accident (that I briefly mentioned in a comment on the prior post), I get a little tense if I get too close to a raging river, but I still like them, too. The sound of water roaring past is wonderful!

r. said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! The scenery, nature, colors, you and Dave!! I absolutely love the pictures. Thanks Steven!!

Kris is right. We need higher resolution of your photographs! Oright, that would be YOU and your BOYFRIEND. :-)

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful pictures that you have captured! It's amazing to see how far along Fall has come in your area. We're just starting to get a little change in the color of the leaves. Glad to see that you guys had a much more enjoyable excursion! :-)

Vic Mansfield said...

beautiful spot, handsome men! Glad you're doing OK from the fall at the Falls.

Be gentle with one another, and with yourself.

Joe Jubinville said...

"This path was just begging us to follow, like opening a good book and wondering what is to come with the next page, it certainly did not disappoint."

Thanks for taking us along on this striking prelude to your big adventure! The scenery you both captured and describe is ruggedly beautiful. Good eye.

An old friend of mine, Bob Bush, while hiking a trail at Bushkill falls in Pennsylvania said that he was half-willing to meeting his death on some precipice or other for the sake of the resulting newspaper headline: "Fall kills Bush at Bushkill falls".

Glad there were no headlines associated with your hike with Dave. You came away with quite the booty... good hike, good shots, a close call that you'll never forget. Some of the most prized outings have their share of peril. You and Dave were tested and lived to tell the tale. Tink!

Patrick said...

It's even more wonderful you got these photos, given how the day ended, so you have a record of all the beauty you witnessed first. I love waterfalls, and almost CAN feel the rumble of these in my chest. And yes, it's about time we got a picture of you AND Dave, even if you're well in the distance and wearing hats that obscure your faces. Camera-shy, the pair of you.