Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ten Of The Stupidest

We all, over our life time as gay people have had arrows shot at us directly or indirectly by the stupid comments people can make. As we get older and more accepting of who we are, we also (I feel) form a thicker skin and part of that is realizing the hurtful comments are coming from real idiots, not idiots as in I am angry at them for making the comments, idiots as in actual idiots! It is interesting to note that with most straight people, the more education, intelligence they have and well traveled they are, the more open minded and accepting they are towards gay people. Just for gay bitchy fun I thought I would list ten of the stupidest anti-gay comments that actually have been said to me in the past, little did they know a gay spy was amongst them!

1) Gay people deserve what they get, they are only doing it for attention you know, so if they get beat up or aids they shouldn't come crying to everyone after.
Well so your telling me people hide the fact they are gay for years just to get attention?

2) This gay stuff all started with those hippies and women rights groups in the sixties, gays want their rights like they gave them to the 'blacks' and now look at the mess things are in.
D'uh since the sixties, what about being mentioned in the bible, I think it was written before the sixties bright stuff! I think the last part of the comment can just stand on it's own as far as being dumb.

3) In every gay relationship one is always the wife and one is always the man, does not matter guys or girls.
Yeah and you read this fact where exactly? Not from what I am seeing!

4) Hey did you hear what the letters in F-A-G stand for? Got-aids-yet! Oh no wait a minute I think I said that wrong.
No I think you just said enough for this year.

5) I can always tell a gay guy from everyone else, it is in the way they act and talk, you can just tell, I could never be around one of them.
Ummm, I'm sitting right here, you know, "better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!"

6) Things would be just so much better for gays, and people would be a lot more accepting if they just hide their whole life style at home out of sight from the rest of us.
I think we tried that for the last couple thousand years and as Dr.Phil says "its just not working for us".

7) You can tell some people are gay even from when they were a small child but you know I don't believe people are born gay, they turn that way when they become an adult, how could a little kid be gay.
Do you ever actually listen to what comes out of your mouth?

8) Gays are gross man, they are always staring at guys, making sexual comments and hooking up with people they don't know and sleeping with them.
Unlike you and your straight friends who drool at girls, make sexual comments as they walk past and pick up girls in bars for a Friday or Saturday night bed warmer. I won't even mention that some of you are married with children and it may shock your dumb ass to know there are a lot of gay men in committed relationships!

9) Being gay is wrong, it is against God.
You told me you don't believe in God.
Then it is against nature.
Well nature made them that way then.
Yeah but it is against something so it is wrong! I would never want a gay kid, I would kick him out of my house!
Well you sold drugs so I guess you would be doing your kid a favour.

10) I have nothing against fags it is just that I don't like those people, maybe that makes me racist not to like them but if I am being racist against them so be it, that is just how I feel.
Fag is probably not the most 'PC' word you could use if you are trying to look 'PC' but I think you would probably want to look up the word racist and compare it to bigoted.

I am sure everyone has come across statements like these in the past and we just have to let the ignorance in which they were made, take the sting out of them. Now an oldie but a goodie, not included in the 'ten' but I am sure you have heard this one over and over like I have, every one's favourite, say it with me... "he just needs to keep looking and he will find the right girl" or "if she just marries a nice guy, after a couple of kids she would settle right down"! Keep looking at the purple sky in your little worlds, the rest of us will go on living in the 'real' world.


Greg said...

Boy, these are the kind of idiots that give Idiots a bad name, you know?! I don't know how you could sit there and listen to all that shit without falling over laughing...ha ha. I guess that's why they call it a straight face. ; )

No, I know hearing these things can be hurtful. While I've been out for...OMG, twenty-two years...I still get to overhear some of this sort of thing. But #4, that nearly killed me with laughter. That guy...ha ha...he should get his own show on LOGO.

daveincleveland said...

i like your answer to #5 that is too funny