Monday, August 25, 2008

The Gay Eden

Yesterday was the Pride Parade in my city and I was really looking forward to going. I had been to others before but this time I was out to a lot of people who would be there plus I would have Dave with me. Unfortunately guess who forgot their camera at home so no pictures as I had planned. When we first got there, I was a little disappointed that there did not seem to be the crowd as other years, however as usual once the Parade was under way, there were thousands of people coming out from every where. I think it was one of the biggest crowds I ever saw. The parade itself was actually small this year, it was also very tame compared to other years or other cities. The only really on the edge sight were three pairs of boobs exposed (boobs blah), even the BDSM group was boring, girls with the ball in their mouth and guys on a dog leash, already saw that in almost every comedy movie out there. Honestly that is fine with me because a lot of straight couples were there with their families and gay parents had their kids in the Parade as well, so it was good I think to be kept decent. We were given so many little gifts as the parade went past I said to Dave it was almost like a gay christmas. We met some of Dave's friends along the way, I really enjoyed it and as the parade made it's way through the streets we followed the last float to where there were events and music planned at the city Hall.
After the Parade turned out to be my favourite part of the day. It is not a wild street party like other cities, more like a huge gay picnic in a park setting with music etc. It was fenced off and there was a small cover fee to enter. Once inside it was like the world had reversed, now the norm was gay people were the majority and there was such a freedom to it that I just can't describe. It was almost overwhelming for me, We could walk around, hold hands, cuddle up on the grass together, kiss and not have to worry about any smart asses around us looking for trouble. It was so mind boggling also to look at everyone and know that 95% were gay or bi. Sometimes I would watch a guy that was so handsome, so straight looking and think he must be here to support a friend, only to see him walk over to another really really handsome straight looking guy, put his arm around him and lovingly kiss him. Same for really pretty women that in my mind I knew were probably gay but they sure did not fit the stereo types we are shown of what a lesbian is suppose to look like.

I found some of my friends and it felt awesome to introduce Dave to them as my boyfriend. They kept telling me they were so glad that I finally came out and we have been invited to two parties coming up in the fall. Dave would point out some of the more outrageous people at the picnic, men dressed as women who probably should not, men dressed as women who are fabulous, men dressed as women who wear it really well, leather harness guys, butt chaps guys and other really out of this world costumes. I on the other hand am bored by this, I would just say 'big deal', I mean if they are having fun then no problem but to me 'some' are just looking for attention, plus I saw this before so there is nothing new here to me. What I was looking at were the real people and how they functioned. Like a lesbian couple who's child had a cute t-shirt that said "I was hatched by two chicks", or the group of children in the parade that belonged to a camp for children of gay parents, a place they said where they can just make friends without the rude comments from other children who carry their parents ignorance. It was nice to see them running around the park just being kids together and I totally understood the freedom they were feeling. It was also nice to see the range in ages, from young teens to seniors wearing the colours. Of all the sights I saw, the one that struck me the most was a straight couple together at the park. The husband was a very handsome man and the woman was really pretty, they were probably in their late 30's to very early 40's, walking around together they had matching t-shirts on that said "Proud Parents" on the background of the pride flag. I just thought wow! Wow! Wow! Some lucky teen is walking around here with his friends and his parents are here loudly saying "we love you, we support you and it is totally okay to be gay", now how must that feel, I am sure with that support no one can make him or her feel ashamed. Dave said "that is so beautiful" all I could say was yes.

The day began to wind down, it was getting dark and people were leaving. I knew we should leave soon as Dave had to run into his work sometime that day, someone had broke into his work building and he had to check out the damage. I kept asking to stay a little longer and I realized why, this was a dream world for me, my 'gay' world as I often mention here, however now it was not just imaginary, it was an actual place, like a gay Eden where you were let in to enjoy the peace of just being yourself, where for once I was swimming with the current and not against. I did not want to step outside of the gates, I did not want this freedom to end, finally I let out a sigh and said "lets go". We left and I felt almost lonely inside as the music and laughter faded behind us, cast out once again into the straight world. Walking to the car a few streets over some people took a shocked look at the rainbow beads we were still wearing, as if we were wearing snakes and worms around our necks, who would think coloured beads could make such a statement. It was sad to leave but I did have a really good time and I think it gives a person that extra boost, knowing we are not a lone.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a fantabulous time. It is ALWAYS a good feeling when we feel we're in the majority. There's a sense of camaraderie amongst everyone and there's no hiding that takes place. And like you, I love it when I see so many familiar and welcoming faces.

The same thing happened to me one time about forgetting my camera and someone suggested just buying a disposable camera. It was the greatest idea and saved the day.

danny/ink2metal said...

too bad about the pix, but the memories are everlasting.

glad you enjoyed yourselves. sounded like a really nice way to have spent the day.

and remember, none of us is alone as long as there is a heart willing to accept and love another.

r. said...

Where are the pictures of you in compromising positions? ehehe! jk! Am glad that you had a great time Sweetie! *Lord I just called you 'sweetie', I feel so old!*

Jess said...

It's nice to be reminded that we're really a huge community, isn't it? Society has a highly refined capacity for making us feel like lonely outcasts. Events like this are good reminders of how big a part of society we really are!

Java said...

My first gay pride event was last Sept in our capital city, Columbia SC. It was held in a park there in the city. Similar to what you describe, the place was overrun with gay folks! (surprise?) Lots of couples, men with men, women with women, children with their gay parents (mostly lesbians with children). I saw one straight dad with his gay teenager. Met a bunch of old lesbians working for gay friendly health care for the elderly. It was so refreshing to be there! Even though I was straight (oh, and I still am) I had been learning about homosexuality for just over a year and have 3 gay teens living in my home. I was ready to see a gay party/picnic. I loved it! It seemed so right!

Actually, I think it was that experience that led me to seek out an online gay community, which is when I discovered all these wonderful gay blogs.