Sunday, April 7, 2019

Living on an alien planet?

 Last summer, I remember coming home from work one day and it was gorgeous outside. It was still early summer, the sun was shining but not too hot, a fresh breeze gently blowing and I decided to mow the lawn. I remember as I was about half finished, I started thinking about the huge difference between our seasons. Here I was, mowing the lawn at eight o'clock in the evening. It's still basically day time, the sun isn't even thinking about setting yet, it's warm out, everything is green and growing, there are birds, bugs and little animals everywhere, life is in full gear and the chattering tells you there is even more than you see.
 My garden, bursting with life, one of my Zen places.

 Compare that to only a few months later, sitting on the lawnmower on that sunny summer day, it's almost unbelievable that in a couple of months everything will change so drastically. There will be no leaves on the trees, no grass growing, everything is covered in snow and ice. Eight o'clock is basically night time now, you would be sitting in total darkness if you were out on a mower, as the sun would have set hours ago. There will be no signs of life, no chattering or singing, only eerie silence, made worse by a bone chilling wind rubbing branches together or the cold causing a twig to snap . The world appears dead, lifeless.
 It's incredible to see how nature can change a landscape so much in a few months. The "Ice Planet".

 Fast forward from that summer day, to an evening last fall, it was the grey days of late fall and neighbours had invited me over for supper, sitting around after... talking over cups of tea and apple crumble, I remarked my moment on the lawn mower, compared to that fall day. The couple agreed, the husband said he often noticed the same thing, he said winter is almost like being on an alien planet, that it's hard to believe we are in the place. I thought that was the best description of how I was feeling. Sometimes when fall arrives, I feel it's like a long journey I have to make and the older I get, the more daunting the journey appears to me.

 Here I am however, spring is coming, I made it through, time to start the engines and soon return home to earth, with flowers and trees, birds, little beasties and bees, lawns to mow, gardens to grow and all the summer goodness planet earth has.

  Not there yet but hopefully the snow soon goes and things will start to green up in the next few weeks. Return to me spring, return to me.


Bob said...

That was lovely.

anne marie in philly said...

we have our first daffodils this week! trees have buds. grass is not growing yet to cut.

winter brings on my SAD. I can't stand all the gray and brown and white; no happy colors like red and green and yellow.

Christina said...

Such a heartfelt post. I feel exactly the same.
I sometimes feel very "left behind" in today's world. Technology changes faster than I can keep up but putting my hands in the earth, planting that seed always comforts me. It's unchanging. I feel connected.

Richard said...

Spring has sprung here but it can still snow.

Mistress Maddie said...

You speak the truth. And it too amazes me how it all takes place. Many of my friends who live far don't experience the different seasons. I have thought of living on the West Coast, but I think I would miss the season to much...each beautiful in their own way. Not to mention the regional seasonal foods, decorations, and treats that go with each season. I think the East Coast does seasons and holiday decorating better. And it gives a time of reference to the time of year. It's awaken quickly here now...and in another week I suspect color will be everywhere, and the birds here are looking plump. I do like spring the starts all over again. And every season is also different from year to year too I noticed. This spring will be a glorious one here. The magnolia trees have been downright stunning.

Leanna said...

It's green here in South Central Texas. The bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush have started blooming all over the place. I almost forgot how pretty it can get after seeing nothing but brown all winter. We actually had our first spring thunderstorm this morning. It started at 6:04 am this morning and is still going on at 10:21 am this very minute. Everything is a dark heavy green and the sky is still dark purple. We should clear up soon and get a bit of sun.

Deedles said...

I feel a song coming on! Okay, just a verse! Channeling my inner Bette Midler but with a much deeper voice, here goes. This is not a use your earplugs PSA!

Just remember, in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snow
Lies the seed that with the sun's love
In the spring becomes the rose.

Anyway, Steve, I agree with Bob. Very lovely!

Willym said...

Truly a lovely post... thank you..

Old Lurker said...

Step one is to get rid of Daylight Savings Time, dagnabit.

I am glad one of us got through winter. I wish I had been so lucky.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Yes! This is absolutely accurate. It always blows my mind how here in the midwest we can go from three feet of snow to flowers and green everywhere in three months. And I agree with Lurkie. We should get rid of Daylight Savings Time.


Michael said...

Thanks for the wonderful post, and the reminder why I do enjoy living in a 4 season climate, though my winters are surely not what yours are! I remember growing up in Northern NY that it would sometimes snow into May. I am hoping that there is no more snow for you.

Jimmy said...

Beautifully written. You truly connect with earth.