Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What Is In The Case?

One night after eating supper I sat down to be lazy... um I mean relax and watch some TV. Usually I don't watch a lot of TV, in fact I do not even have cable. I felt it was throwing away money since I would rather talk with friends or play on the computer. I do not have an issue with watching TV, more like I get bored with it as there are very few shows that surprise me with their story lines anymore. There was nothing very interesting on that night and flipping through the channels I was about to watch 'Deal Or No Deal'. Sitting there I heard the lady say what is in case number 2, then the host says what is in case number two, then he repeats it again, case number two. Suddenly I thought to myself, wake up! Life is passing you by and what am I doing here watching this crap, why are millions of people sitting at home watching this! When did we let our lives become so meaningless and dull that this is now entertainment! How unintelligent to let myself be entertained by this. Open case number two, open case number ten, open case number three, is that not what we do to a baby. Open the pretty box and see what is inside. Have we become an excited puppy, sitting there wagging his tail to see if there is a treat in the box. I already know what is inside, it is my time that I wasted watching this show. I don't mean that as a slight against the show, I mean it as in, time is ticking away for all of us, for me, for you and this life is all we get. The universe will turn, spin, move forward and that hour will never return to be reclaimed for better use.

When did people let themselves get so "dumb downed" by these type of shows. It does not matter 'what is in the case', whether it is one dollar or a million, it does not affect my life in any way, I will not learn anything, nor benefit from it and within an hour I will probably never think of that particular show again, let alone any certain case. At least some shows you can learn about history, art, music and more from the questions, so not a total waste of time. A friend of mine once noted that in our parents younger days (at least in the country) the people had to entertain themselves, so they often learned to play an instrument or sing, some even would paint, carve or had another hobby. TV seems to have replaced that now. I had to agree with my friend because he said this to me while we were driving home one night from a long trip and as we passed through towns, villages and farming communities, he pointed out that all the houses looked quiet except for the blue glow of a TV set coming from every house. I wonder how many people watched that show instead of spending time with their kids, taking the dog for a walk or doing something for their health like exercise. How many people sat there thinking I 'will' do it differently, I 'will' win when I am on there, that is the other part of reality that does not kick in, the chance of getting on are next to nothing.

To me it suddenly made no sense to sit there and watch the show, I don't think it belongs to the great design of life, it does not fulfill my purpose on earth. I picked up the remote and clicked off the TV, I went to the phone and connected to a friend and after I went on line and learned something about a news event that I wanted to understand better. I will try to use my time better, as for what is in the case... nothing Howie, there is absolutely nothing in there for me.


Jess said...

What a wise post. It really made me think. I don't watch a lot of TV, because most of it is crap. Still, I should try to make better use of free time. We all should!

Birdie said...

I may watch one hour of TV a week any more, the direct result of reality programming. I traded one screen for another, but the screen on my computer is the gateway to the world. I have learned so much from you and other bloggers about life, with links to music, literature, art, humor, and spirituality. Such a wealth of information and experience! While it has indeed taken some of my time away from the real world, I have found the desire to write as a result of my time online. (No blog yet, but someday...)

Always grateful for your willingness to teach me and move me, Steven. I get a great paycheck every time I open this case.


gay, christian and scared shitless said...

yuppers, but it's such an addictive show lol :-P

David said...

I absolutely detest that show but my parents love it. I just can't get excited about people taking chances with cases of cash. The only game show that I truly appreciate is Jeopardy despite the Canadian host. :0P.

Java said...

I know there are a lot of my blog buddies who enjoy various shows. I can't watch TV anymore. It makes me irritable. (OK, today everything makes me irritable!) I'll watch an occasional Braves baseball game, but that's about it. Spent 20 minutes on the weather channel yesterday. (that Jim Cantore is HOT!) But like Birdie, I now spend a lot of time on the computer interacting with real people. I think they are real. They seem real to me. Are you real?

Wayne said...

We don't have cable either. Have other things to do besides watching the boob tube.

Anonymous said...

Some very wise observations; especially when someone has yet to win the $1,000,000. The show can get so drawn out as if leading to a "triple forte" result, when the result turns out to be more of a "pianissimo."

Bill said...

No cable in my home, either.

I hate that show, and I can't believe it has lasted more than a week or two. It's so boring.
I'm usually on the computer in the evenings when I'm not out, although I do turn the TV on PBS for background noise. I saw a fascinating show about Walt Whitman last week; America's famous patriotic queer poet.
Masterpiece Theater recently showed "My Boy Jack" featuring Daniel Radcliffe and Kim Cattrall, which was excellent.