Saturday, April 26, 2008

Movie Night

This weekend, Dave and I were suppose to go camping, we were going to get to use a log cabin by a lake and share some of our time with friends of Dave's. Due to a loss in the family of his friends, we decided to not go and will go another time when these people can join us. That left the weekend wide open to doing something else. I was talking to my friend Eric and he asked me if I would be able to come for our usual movie night. Dinner and then the latest movies on DVD, snacks and beer, it was something we had done for years once a month until I met Dave. Lately Erik and I just could not connect our times as we always had other plans. I told him about the cancelled camping trip and he said "bring Dave with you, I would love to meet him" I agreed. I miss our time together, but he is a really good friend to me and completely understood my need to build a relationship with Dave over the last few months. Erik was the first person I came out to, I will always remember and be grateful for the way he was so supportive of me.

It is really important to me that these guys get alone, I love them both so much and it makes me a little nervous. Actually they both have a little of the same personality and sometimes with men that can make them clash a bit. It is also some big firsts for me as well. I have met some of Dave's friends and family but this will be the first time one of my friends will meet Dave. Also this will be the first time I will come to one of my friends as a gay man with a boyfriend. Erik is very supportive of this but still, there is that feeling in my stomach. I am both nervous and excited, finally I get to say, "this is Dave" and it will be understood that this is the person that I love, this is the person that is my partner in being a couple, this is the person that makes me no longer alone.

Most people will just see this as a bunch of guys meeting for movies and chips and partly that is true, however for me it will be another step in my journey, another line that I cross. It sets me on my path of being who I really am and even though it feels a little uncomfortable, it also feels right.


Anonymous said...

Both of these guys I am sure will get along as they have someone very important to them....YOU....hope you had a great time.

Java said...

Nah, this is more than just 3 guys getting together for a movie. You are taking "your guy" to meet one of your friends. This is big. OK, not HUGE, but big.

How'd it go?

Birdie said...

What would you do if you weren't worried about it? Take a deep breath and do it. And have a great time.