Monday, May 11, 2020

Meaningless Monday.

 Monday again? I lose track of the days, it seems like a treadmill of Fridays and Mondays, there is little difference between the days for me now. The people lucky enough to have a job and are working from home, sometimes annoy me with the question, "so what are you doing on the weekend"? What's a weekend? There are just endless days now, I'm "doing" nothing this weekend, like I did last weekend and the one before that etc, etc. I do have big plans for next weekend however... a bunch of us are.. no just joking, I will be staying at home as usual.

 The earth moved for me Saturday, yes we had an earthquake. Just a little itty bitty one, it seemed to last a little longer than usual. Such a weird feeling, we usually don't get harmful earthquakes but every twenty years or so we get a strong one. It gives a person that helpless feeling of being at the mercy of nature, all you can do is hope it won't be bad. I knew the epicenter would be north of my place because I was talking to a friend on the phone at the time, he is about thirty minutes north of me and felt it first. He was saying that we're having an earthquake but I wasn't feeling a thing, then suddenly I could hear and feel it.

 Yesterday I received the funniest picture, not funny haha on purpose funny. More like "why did you send me that picture funny". My neighbor text me, warning me to be careful while out walking, she came upon a pile of huge bear scat. She snapped a picture of it and sent it to me. I thanked her for the poop pic but I assured her that I would have believed her, no poop pic necessary. I think it was more about the size it to be fair.

 Speaking of the earth moving under foot, I had another startling reminder that I'm not in my thirties anymore. Yesterday was the sixtieth birthday of U2 lead singer Bono. That was attention grabbing, I remember being a teenager and listening to this new band, very few people knew who they were. Most people didn't know where to place them, they weren't pop and they weren't heavy rock. I couldn't understand why people had to try and fit them into a box, why not just enjoy the music if you like it.

 Bono apparently put together a list of sixty songs that he said saved his life. I'm not sure what that means, a little bit of a dramatic statement if you ask me. He wrote a letter  for each song picked explaining his choice, the songs he chose surprised me to be honest, most were not what I thought he would have chosen. The other thing that made me feel a touch of my age, looking at pictures of Bono, he's no longer a cool looking icon from my past, now he's an eccentric looking old dude.

 Monday again, again, again. What will this week bring *sigh * lately I find that I am bracing myself for the coming disaster instead of seeing it as a beginning.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

The only time I've experienced earthquake tremors was when I was a post-grad student at the University of Ottawa about 30 years ago. It wasn't a big earthquake, just a small one in the middle of the night. It woke me up but I wasn't sure why. Next day on the news I learned why.

Bathwater said...

The weekend is the two days I do less than the normal less.

Bob said...

I grew up in California and we had our fair share of earthquakes.
The worst, for me, was Loma Prieta in 89. Scary times.

Sidenote: my grandmother was born in San Francisco in May 1906, a month after THAT quake, which means my great-grandmother was eight months pregnant during the SF quake!

RJ said...

Have you seen the Rolling Stones lately? Yikes!

HuntleyBiGuy said...

Steven! When you said the earth moved for you, I thought maybe you and Mr. X had a little virtual hanky-panky going on.

Time does have a way of sneaking on us. We’re not the spry individuals of our youth. And we tend to freeze frame celebrities in their heyday.

Stay safe.

Willym said...

Our friends in Rome were woken up early this morning by an earthquake. Not as big as the one we experienced back in 2010 - that one was friggin' scary and the after shocks went one for two weeks. But we've experienced them in Mexico City almost daily, Hong Kong in the middle of Christmas dinner, Italy, and Ottawa. No matter the size they are always unsettling.

Dave R said...

I never have weekends: retail. I've also been in 2 earthquakes, one while taking a bath when I lived up in Tacoma, Washington, everything sloshed. And a note about Bono... he's also short.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I have only once experienced an earthquake. I did not like it. At all.
And Bono is sixty? Whoa. Really.
As for the days just passing by? I have specific routines for Monday and Wednesday and for Tuesday and Thursday. Friday is a free for all. Weekends I don’t do much work inside. I’m trying to go out of the house. That’s my ‘weekend’ nowadays. You’ll have to carve your routine or you’ll go crazy(er)


Edwin said...

@Dave R, did you mean to say Irish? I'm Irish American, and I checked his listed height, and he's a wee bit taller. Such a giant talent ;-) Hi Steven, I couldn't help but respond since it tickled me so. At least it got me to finally comment. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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