Sunday, May 3, 2020

Late night viewing.

 Lately I have trouble falling asleep, it's no surprise to me, I guess a worldwide pandemic can do that to a person. Last night I watched a repeat of Saturday Night Live, it was shall we say... one of its weaker nights. The thing that kept me watching was Daniel Craig was guest host. I must say he is one fine man to drool look at. Age has not affected him at all. There was one odd thing about him, his normal speaking voice caught me off guard. I assumed I would be treated to the smooth .OO7 voice; however he definitely doesn't sound suave, the voice didn't fit the man we know, it felt like he was playing a trick on us, like when that mountain of a Mike Tyson speaks and we all think "what the".

 Speaking of night viewing, I sometimes end up watching the late night talk shows. They are similar but each has their own style as well. I decided to rate the shows according to my enjoyment level. This is just my opinion, see if you agree or disagree.

1) My hands down favorite number one talk show at night is The Late Late Show with James Cordon. He just seems to be a sweet guy, is funny, full of energy but not to the point of being annoying, plus a really talented singer. His show is mostly an entertainment show, I love his carpool karaoke, who doesn't dream of being able to sing and also get to sing along with famous performers. Plus I recently discovered that James is paying his staff out of his own pocket now that the studio is closed due to covid, decent guy!

2) My pick for number two is Trevor Noah of the Daily show. I think he's funny with more of a political spin to his show. He has some really funny coworkers on his show as well, especially Ronny Chieng, that guy is hilarious. They interview guests and create a lot of funny skits. I also read that Trevor Noah is paying his staff out of pocket while the studio is shut down, another decent guy.

3) For number three I'm going to pick Stephen Colbert of The Late Show. I guess it says something about your brand when I type in "Stephen" and auto correct inserts "Colbert". I will be honest and say up front that sometimes I find he can get stuck on a rant to the point of being boring and no longer funny, also his skits can be like SNL skits, not that funny and drag on a bit too long. His show is a mix of skits, political interviews and interviews with entertainers. He seems knowledgeable and likeable so I do enjoy his show. I also have to give him extra credit right now at this moment. All the above mentioned hosts are working from home and I find that Stephen Colbert is doing a much better job than Trevor Noah. I find Trevor not that funny without help, even annoying at times, while Stephen is making me actually laugh out loud with his monologues and discussions. I think this is a little like musicians unplugged, where you discover your favorite band is not that good live, while a band you thought was just okay, is really kicking it while live.

4) Next is Jimmy Kimmel, I don't get to see his show that often so it's hard for me to really judge him. When I do watch I always enjoy it and find him funny. I do get a condescending vibe off him at times, that is a bit of a put off. I like his street interviews where people will lie about knowing a subject, just to get on tv.

As for the rest, I have tried to watch Conan O'Brien, I just get an odd vibe from him. I don't find him funny, I never enjoy the show. I have also watched A Little Late with Lilly Singh a few times but sorry.. no. I just find her so loud and hyper, she becomes annoying fast. I just can't get used to her. I also don't find the show that interesting to be honest, she may appeal to a younger audience, maybe that's her targeted market but I'm not a fan. Same with Seth Myers, it's like a tax accountant landed a talk show. In fairness I have only had a chance to watch it a few times, maybe I caught it on slow nights. Again same with Jimmy Fallon, watching him makes me feel like he is filling in for the actual host of the show. He may be a great guy but I don't really enjoy his show.

 There you have it, my late night insomnia picks, as I said I am only judging them based on my personal enjoyment factor. On a serious note, now more than ever, I appreciate their comical entertainment, I think every little bit helps these days.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I don't watch any late-night TV shows because I'm asleep by the time they come on. Being an old lady has its benefits.

Bob said...

I'm with Debra. I'm not an old lady, though i play one on TV, but I still go to bed earlier than that!

Deedles said...

I'm joining the old lady gang (and Bob). I used to record the two late night shows I liked before they got canned. The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore and @Midnight. I haven't watched a late night talk show since Johnny Carson went from ninety minutes to sixty and the first half hour had no guests. I believe Wilma Flintstone was the guest host. It may have been Joan Rivers. I find it all quite boring. Now, Trevor Noah I love as a stand up comedian before he got the late night gig. He had a couple of specials on Comedy Central. He is hilarious. So polite sounding while making such pointed observations on racism and the like. I don't know how he is at home, because I don't watch any of that stuff.

Jimmy said...

James Cordan is by far the most talented and entertaining. Stephen Colbert is the sharpest, especially about trump. He was the one who called dump "Putin's cock holster" on air and got in trouble with the network. Fallen is a no.

Michael said...

I never watch late night tv as I just can't stay up that late. I do however watch clips of the show on youtube. I love how Colbert rips into Trump.

RJ said...

I don't watch any of them as I get up too very early for work. I have seen some clips on YouTube that were entertaining.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I catch them all on YouTube cause I don’t have cable.
I agree with your ranking, but I like Colbert better than Kimmel. Noah is adorable and I wanna shag him.
Corden’s carpool karaoke is a RIOT. I almost died with Cardi B.

Jennifer said...

I love Colbert from his Daily Show days, and I *like* the new show, but now that CBS is his boss he has to reign in some of bawdier humor. I miss the old show but he's still good. I also like James Cordon. Like you, I get a weird vibe from Conan and only occasionally see a bit of his show on YouTube when he interviews a guest I like.

Bohemian said...

I like Craig Ferguson... Funny, easy on the Eyes and I Love his Scottish Brogue.