Thursday, April 9, 2020

Chocolate chip oopsies!

 Well as we head into a... long weekend, I'm not sure what to call it anymore since many people are either not working or out of a job (like me). I realized this Easter was going to royally suck the big one.

 I had these plans in my head a while back, where my sister would call to invite me to Easter dinner. I would ask her if I could bring Mr X, she would say yes and we would have a nice meal together as we got to know each other. If mom was having a good day, I might even get to bring her. Of course that's all no longer possible, this virus has infiltrated and ruined every aspect of daily life. I can't leave the farm, I have no idea how mom is doing, nobody ever answers the phone and I haven't seen anyone in nearly a month. I'm going to spend Easter trapped alone here.

 I decided to treat myself, I would make homemade chocolate chip cookies. Instead of chocolate Easter eggs, these would be my treat. I had one bag of chocolate chips left so I was following my recipe carefully. I have no intention of going to a store so I must treat these like gold. I had everything prepared and began putting little blobs on the cookie tray. Just as I started I suddenly realized that I forgot to add baking soda and baking powder. The mixture was already thick, adding them in now would be almost impossible, I would probably get mouthfuls of baking soda. I decided to go ahead and try without the two ingredients.

 I baked a tray and they looked not that bad. They actually did rise without the ingredients but they didn't expand. No matter how long I left them in, they came out almost white, still they smelled good so I put in the second tray. As the first tray cooled I started to eat a couple. Oops... yuck!!! They were doughy inside and not from being undercooked, just from the chemistry of ingredients not being correct. They immediately started to give me cramps.

 I left the second tray for a much longer time, still it wasn't helping. I tried emergency measures, I added baking powder and soda to the remaining mixture. When I baked them they were a little better but still gross. The entire batch is ruined, the only thing I had left to enjoy is ruined. Well at least this is consistent with everything else.


Sixpence Notthewiser said...

First, I had no idea you could bake. Cook? Yes. Bake? That's a surprise.
And I still applaud your effort. I cannot (and probably never will) cook. I can make omelettes and Miso soup and that's about it.
And this is probably gonna be a very different Easter. Here in the States the Talibangelicals are planning on going to services, violating the stay at home orders their governors have imposed. Idiots.
And you should Zoom or FaceTime your sis and Mr. X. It's not the same as in-the-flesh, but it's fun.


HuntleyBiGuy said...

So, I dabble in a little baking myself. I take a week before Christmas and bake all day everyday (almost 2000 cookies this last year, gifts for family and friends). So that means I buy in bulk, or stock up with the sales before the holidays. I buy a 4-1/2 pound bag of chips that I keep in my freezer. And it’s a nice little treat when I take inventory for my bi-weekly grocery trips. Grab a little handful and move on.

I applaud your tenacity and plowing on with the baking. Some of the best results often come from mistakes. You don’t know until you try. So the next time you’re shopping grab an extra bag of chips and pop them in the freezer.

Dave R said...

Oh, dear. When you realized the error of your baking ways you should have opted for a chillier approach. Frozen chocolate chip cookie dough is delicious! Scrumptious even!

RJ said...

Everyone has a baking failure at some point in their life. I made cookies last week. I forgot to add extra flour to compensate for the high altitude here. They looked like sand dollars when they came out of the oven.

Bob said...

Easter to me is just another day,
Now, the cookies! I've done this before and it never works out well, so I'll tell you waht I tell myself: "Slow the f%k down and read EVERY instruction."
And yet there stil times when I forget an ingredient. Oh well ...

Jimmy said...

I make a mean peach cobbler in the crockpot!

Never made cookies except from a refrigerated tube,Pilsbury I believe.

Deedles said...

I used to bake. Not anymore. Cookies were never my forte. I used chocolate chips in my Almond Joy cake, back in the day. I had to buy an extra bag of chips, one for baking and one for snacking. I have diabetes, I wonder why?
I know this will be hard (heh, heh, I said hard), but (heh, heh) try not to think of yourself as trapped. You are sheltered and protected. A person isn't trapped in a storm cellar, they are protected from the evil tornadoes. Of course, if a tree is uprooted and falls on the cellar door, then the person is trapped. How often does that happen, though? Seriously, how often? I don't know! I live in California for crying in a bucket!
Thus ends my pathetic efforts of trying to cheer you up. Hugs and face pats.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Do you have any chocolate chips left? Just eat them right out of the bag and pretend it's a chocolate bunny!

Michael said...

So sorry about your baking snafu. I haven't really baked that much in years. Living alone I'd eat it all.

Ur-spo said...

Cooks Illustrated states they have the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe. I am curious to try it and compare.