Saturday, March 4, 2017

Cup of tea?

Sometimes the best things in life can be the simplest things. Nothing like in the morning when you make that perfect cup of coffee or that soothing cup of tea. You never really think about it until one day for some reason it's just not right. You can try to add more water, more flavor, more milk, cream or sugar but it's a losing battle, once off it stays off. Tea for me is not some trendy bandwagon that I jumped on, it's in my culture, everyone in my family drank tea, most of my neighbours drank tea. Coffee was only for breakfast or a social gathering, for some strange reason most of the women in my family never touched coffee, only my generation changed that. I started drinking coffee at breakfast about ten years ago but I quit just before Christmas, suddenly I find now it makes me feel hyper, not a good productive kind of alertness but more like the feeling that there is a lion hiding in the bushes waiting for me kind of hyper. So it's back to my cup of tea. I hope nobody is trying to find a metaphor here, what I mean by a good cup of tea.... is just the feeling of enjoying a good cup of tea. ............................................. Sitting down with a good cup of tea last Saturday morning (and my homemade oatmeal cranberry cookies), I decided to try signing up for a gay networking site, (okay yes basically a dating site) and I suddenly realized how boring I have become. Filling out interests, sports I like and groups I belong to, made me see how NOT well rounded I am. The trouble is almost a catch twenty two, I can't find the right clubs because I don't know enough gay people and I don't know enough gay people because I am not in any clubs. I don't think listing the volunteer cemetery caretakers group I belong to is one of those things that would attract guys to me. Maybe I need to fill in the gaps, there seems to be a gap between the ages of 35 to 55 regarding things for gay men to do in order to meet in a social setting. There are a lot of nice wilderness parks nearby, I was thinking about trying to get a hiking group going. Just to give people a chance to meet and everyone could join, not like a gay hockey or baseball club where the clumsy guys would stay away. Right now it's -33 Celsius with the wind chill so that gives me time to figure it out.


Walter said...

This is a lovely post. I too am a tea drinker, and every day tea time is a special time for me. I still start my day with a cup of coffee to jumpstart me out of bed, but at 10 am I have my first cup of tea and it's something I look forward to every day. In my last relationship, tea was also our special time. On weekend afternoons, we'd make tea around 4 and enjoyed it while reading or talking about our week ahead. It was "our time" and one of the best things we did together.

Stephen said...

Never been a coffee drinker and only iced tea with a meal sorry to say. I know what you are saying "if its off, then its off, there's no fixing it" especially when it comes to "grits". I know, yes I from the south, and yes, I eat grits. If you don't salt them just right when cooking no amount of salt later can fix them...toss and start over. Btw I agree I don't think I would include "volunteer cemetery caretakers" on the dating app. lol

Willym said...

Have to agree with Stephen about the volunteer work you do - it's admirable and certainly a conversation starter but perhaps not on a dating site.

It's funny how the taste of tea changes from cup to cup or pot to pot. Often it can be the water (here we have a problem with chlorine)that makes that cup of tea that no amount of doctoring can fix - so down the sink it goes and you start again.

And for coffee I find I can't drink American coffee anymore - I need my double espresso!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Walter, thank you for the compliment, actually you made me realize I need to make some tea dates for this weekend, some of my neighbours and I, visit and relax with a nice hot cup of tea. Helps to catch up on the local news, it's been a few weeks since I have done this.

Stephen, I love ice tea, hot summer day, nothing hits the spot better. To be honest as a Canadian waaaaay up north, I have heard of grits but have absolutely no idea what it is, I am going to have to Google it. Lol

Will, yes I agree about the water, we have fresh spring water from a deep well, when I first moved to Ottawa, I found the tea tasted like I had made it out of water from the washing machine, after a load of wool socks! I used to bring jugs of water from the farm for drinking. This morning I got a message from a cross dresser that reminded me of a washed up member of an eighties hard rock metal hair band, so I think I will try to scare people off!

Anonymous said...

I love both coffee and tea. Having my morning cup of coffee walking my dog is the best part of my day. I get what you mean about meeting people..I am in the same boat. BTW, I was in Ottawa this summer. I flew into Ottawa to visit my mom in upstate NY. The airport is the closest airport to my hometown!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Mc54 If you are ever going to be in Ottawa let me know and maybe we can meet up, I already had the pleasure of meeting Dr Spo, Larry Muffin and Willyorwonthe, so I don't bite, no matter what those guys might try to tell you!