Sunday, December 27, 2015

Jumbled Holiday Thought.

Allow me to ramble, scattered all over like a toybox dumped out onto the floor. I am having a little Christmas withdrawal. I really hate the way every station, store and newspaper pushes and pushes Christmas from end of October to Christmas day, then suddenly it's like nothing ever happened. Just when it is time to be in a Christmas mood, everyone wants to talk about the end of the year or worse, back to work! Let the turkey cool before we jump to the next step, at least let everyone's drunk uncle/neighbour/brother-in-law sober up before taking down the decorations. ................................... Today we finally have snow, making it look more like the holiday season. I have enjoyed the last few days of our freak September in December weather, I did miss snow on Christmas eve, same thing happened last year, I hope this is not a trend. The drawback last year was it rained all the time, at least this year it was sunny. ....................................... Ok so movies, Miracle on 34th street is cute enough, if I have to pick an oldie but goodie, I like the original, it's funny and has that Christmas feeling. I think however for me personally I like A Christmas Story, I know the critics hate it but the film rings true for me, I feel very nostalgic when I watch it. If I had to pick something animated, Polar Express impressed me, it hints at that magical feeling of being a little kid who still believes, but also that sadness of leaving your childhood behind. ...................................... T.V. specials, hands down it is the Charlie Brown Christmas special, that puts me in the mood. For a lot of reasons but mainly because Christmas day at my grandparents was like a Charlie Brown Christmas, small town, rink across the street, kids all over the place, even a Snoopy in the living room. Sadly I don't get to see that special anymore, I don't have cable and the stations I get refuse to play it because of the passage Linus reads. Sad really, it's just a cartoon. Close second is the Grinch cartoon, I love a good villain, way more interesting. I am horrified by that awful Grinch movie with the "dumb" from dumb and dumber. That film should be destroyed never to be seen again, but that's just me. ............................................. I do have a favorite Christmas song, O Holy Night, but it has to be sung by someone with pipes, yes even Celine Dion or Josh Groban, it can't be Niel Young (lol) or most country singers, or all rappers, actually I think a prison sentence would be in order if a rapper tried it. There are not many new Christmas songs I like, I prefer mostly older ones. I can't recall any that I hate, sometimes a song just needs a different singer or change of style. These are all just my preferences, so of course that means I am totally right about everything and if you don't agree, then you are completely wrong. .......................................... Now like torn wrapping paper and discarded bows, I will clean up the Christmas theme and put it away until next year, cheers everyone, on towards the new year.


Ur-spo said...

I guess you are not Catholic or pagan for Christmas Day is the FIRST day of Christmas season, which ends on epiphany 12 days hence. That's why they call them the holidays.
I live with a blasphemist Baptist who wants all Christmas things down asap esp. by NYE, as he finds it superstitious to have the tree see the new year.

By the way, O Holy Night is one of my favorites.
I am not a big fan of K. Battle, but I like her rendition ;

larrymuffin said...

Oh boy too much eggnog here or Lait de Poule as they say in your neck of the woods.

Willym said...

When Laurent and I were in Vietnam at Christmastide a few years back we were subjected to Celine Dion crucifying Christ at Christmas with her "rendition" of O Holy Night in every hotel and store. Since then my tolerance for that most beautiful of pieces has diminished. However there is one version - more than 50 years old with the Swedish tenor Jussi Björling that is played over and over again in our house. I honestly don't think there is anything better out there:

And I agree that the season should start on the 24th, which as Spo remarks it does in the church calendar.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

TVO ran some Christmas/history type shows and one explained the twelve days of Christmas. It was interesting, I understand the meaning behind the song now and was surprised to see that you were expected to celebrate for twelve days. People have lost their way, one day with family and 90 days in a mall.

Laurent, the eggnog sailed right over my head.

I get it, Celine is like sugar, too much and it gets sickening, one time I heard Patti Labelle run that song through the ugly machine, I was in therapy for weeks one Christmas. Lol I have this vision of Will saying "what is a Charlie Brown Christmas, did Shakespeare write that?"