Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Beginning to the end of Darkness.

The dragon spreads leathery wings and rises in its cave. Calling out in its thundering voice, "I am Darkness, I shall cover this land with endless nights, despairing cold and the sleeping death of winter" the warning given to mostly strike fear into the minds of people in the lands of the north. Making its way to the mouth of the cave, it almost laughs at the way the sun has been banished, caused by its sinister doing. The dragon had plotted this take over, he had watched for the day when he could stop the rising of the sun. It gave the beast great pleasure to think of the moment. ....................... The morning ritual started off as usual, the glorious white swan would swim out onto the lake, fan out her wings and call to the sun, getting the beautiful golden globe to climb high in the sky, giving off light and warmth causing life to burst forward below. That morning however, the serpent lay in wait for the swan, seizing the opportunity it crept up unoticed, biting her, injecting her with its poison, the swan became weak and had to seek refuge, giving the dragon the power to rule. Each day the sun arose later and later, it became weaker and weaker. The days grew colder, life became still, ice and snow covered the lands. ............................................ In its moment of pride, the dragon hadn't noticed that it was his turn now to fall. As the creature excited the cave, the brave face of a young knight appeared, he suddenly pierced the dragon's scales with his sword. It roared flames and anger but the clever knight was already out of range for the expected return attack. To a distant hill he rode and stopped suddenly at the top. The knight yelled to the dragon, "I have poisoned you Darkness with my sword, it's your turn to suffer and grow weak now, hide in your cave you cur for behold, the swan is well again and shall sing the sun to wake once more. Your rien of darkness has begun to end". .................................................... Or in other words, this is a gay man's very dramatic way of saying that he is sick of sunsets being at 4:30 and the days will begin to get longer again finally! Sunny days can't come soon enough!

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