Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day! It's Called Boxing Daaaaaay.

I had to post this title because soon I will no longer be allowed to use the term "boxing day". What..... you may be asking if I am losing my marbles, sadly the answer is not a joke, the province I live in at the moment has an absolute hate for the english language and works tirelessly to drive off and out any form of the use of it. Boxing day is now in their sites, they are going to try and ban the use and replace it with a government approved term. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. .............................................. Now that we made it through all the Christmas movies, music and t.v.specials, let the judging begin! I am not a person who believes that there is a "best movie" or "favorite song", that makes it to hard to discuss, too many good ones and, too many bad ones. ............................................ Again this year, they kept running It's a Wonderful Life, I know, I know it's a classic but I don't really like that movie. I find it drags on, after a while I forget where we are heading with the message. Everyone seems to be screaming all the time and at many points I fear for the safety of Mary, George Bailey's wife! Then there are the Home alone movies, number two came on one night, I haven't watched that in years. I watched in horror as a mobster executes his girlfriend with a machine gun for cheating on him. This is supposed to be a children's movie? I hope with all the recent tragedies that none of those families stumble on to that movie. On the cheesy side of movies, to save money the stations ran a steady stream of romance movies, common theme, girl getting married, girl meets guy, girl hates new guy, girl gets stuck somehow with new guy, girl falls in love with new guy, new guy is a free spirit, boyfriend is bad because he is more conservative in his thinking, girl dumps boyfriend just before/during wedding, runs off with flake to live happily ever after. However not before it starts to snow/place star on tree/group hug/lost dog comes home/stopped before getting on plane. Just once I want to see, stops wedding to run off with gay lover. Scrooge (A Christmas Carol) also played over and over, in many forms, I like the older version with Alistair Sim, and it has to be in the original black and white, none of this added colour, I think it detracts from the film. I used to hate that story as a child, it frightened the s#t out of me and I couldn't understand why they kept running it on Christmas. Moaning ghosts in chains, tiny Tim dying, grim reaper, being dragged into hell, yup nothing says Merry Christmas like those scenes. ............................................. Ok I will stop here, it's beautiful out so I want to take advantage of our extra fall. Tomorrow Christmas music, cartoons and movies that put me in the mood (the mood for Christmas that is). Try the chicken, I'm here all week, lol.


Ur-spo said...

I too vote for the B/W Sims Carol. it's the best still.

larrymuffin said...

Are you making this up? Changing the name of Boxing Day in la belle Province? What on earth could it be called in French?
No this must be crank news for sure. Maybe they could call it after the Saint for that day which is St-Stephen Day. Now you would like that. OK I get it now you petitioned the Government of la belle Province to change Boxing Day to your name day. Makes sense now. LOL!

Willym said...

Agreed on the B/W Sim Christmas Carol - with some of the finest actors in the British theatre of the time. Might I also suggest The Little Shop Around the Corner - a lovely romantic piece which doesn't quite match the play it was based on but is charming and entertaining in its own way.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Michael and Will, we are agreeable. Lol.

Laurent, brace yourself, boxing day will become, Les soldes de l apres-Noel, the office Quebecois de la langue Francaise demands it, so it will be. I thought there is already a St Stephen's day, after I was born, the world rejoiced and declared it..... no? I have the protestant spelling of Steven, short story, mom too stubborn to allow the bishop to tell her what to name her son.