Saturday, October 6, 2007

Back on the lighter side.

Enough with the gloomy posts, sorry this is going to bounce all over. OK so I tell myself that I am writing this blog for me. I need to get my thoughts out and if anyone connects with a post then that is good. However I have become a comment addict, I love getting comments from people, I need my fix of getting comments from people, so sad! It makes me feel like I did well and people liked the post. The trouble then starts when I think of not posting because people will find a certain post boring and that is censoring my thoughts, if I write only to get comments then I will have become a comment whore!
I am coming a long way in accepting the gay culture from where I started years ago. I realized it this week when I was absolutely tickled pink to discover that I had been added to Cincy Diva's blog roll over at Divas Never Die (sorry still have not played with the links yet), not sure why but I just feel way cooler after being added for some reason!
One of my little evil indulgences, and I know I am going to regret saying this, is to go over to the blog Brettcajun, don't know what it is about that guy but I find him real easy to look at, now no one go over and spill the beans please! My jaw hit the floor ( it wasn't from the Bell's Palsy) when he did the self pictures on the couch in his tightie whities, yeah really liking that post. I think I have been lurking around his blog for well over a year, come to think of it that is kind of creepy.
Sunglasses and cap! A lot of bloggers do not put up a picture and I fully understand that, I would never ask a person for their picture. Some people have emailed me their picture because it is more private. So just for fun and so that I have some idea of what a person might look like that communicates with me through my blog. If you feel comfortable do like I did and send me a picture of yourself in cap and sunglasses, it can be cool or silly what ever you want and I would never put them on my blog or anything like that. Actually it is open to anyone that wants to do it, like I said it is just for fun and for me to put a face or hidden face in my mind to some of the comments.
Gay porn, I like to watch two guys kissing and being loving. I think what it would be like to have a boyfriend that would hold me, hug me, tell me he loves me etc but you don't find that in gay porn. It is not that I watch it a lot or anything but most of the time when I'm watching it, I am not going "yes oh yes". It is more like "oh no, oh no", "oh that is sick" and "oh hell no, I'm not doing that" another area where I don't think I am going to fit in (no pun intended). I am hoping nobody tries to pull the top and bottom thing because I believe in equal sharing, in other words you are gonna get what you give.
The funniest line came from my sister the other day, worried about her little brother being newly gay she said "don't go and date some big biker, you are only out so you don't want some big thing shoved up back there" not a line I ever thought I would hear her say to me, her friend and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. I really like that I am starting to enjoy being gay, I was afraid I was going to feel tortured all the time like living in a country song, come to think of it my dog did die in the spring, my job is DOA and my love life sucks so maybe I did not escape after all! Should I not be living in a Cher or Madonna song?


Pete said...

Glad to see you're feeling better about it all.

Re topping and bottoming: in practice people tend to have preferences. I don't like bottoming, for example. Sharing the "burden" is a great idea, but the truth is, people have preferences. And as long as you're both enjoying yourself, it doesn't really matter who does what.

Matt in Argyle said...

I know how it feels to get comments! I love-em (thanks for all of yours btw).

Paul said...

Yes, brettcajun's addictive. A great guy, he's not afraid to show his confidence nor his insecurities.