Saturday, July 28, 2018

Forgetful in Reverse?

 I find myself being very sensitive with anything that involves me being forgetful. I'm frightened actually because of mom. She started showing signs of dementia at 66, now when we think back, there were other signs long before that time. Also her younger brother began showing signs of dementia around the same time even though he is five years younger. I sometimes wonder if I only have ten years left.

 Possibly, I think I have reversed thinking dementia and I only mean this in a light hearted way, I'm not in panic over it.... yet. Many people (including my mother) will begin to collect things because they believe they are out. For instance they will go to the store and buy their favorite jar of jam because they are out; however when they place that jar in the cupboard, there are jars and jars of the same jam already there, they forgot that they have already bought it.

 Now I seem to have become the opposite, I am the type of person who sees his favorite product on sale and buys a large amount of that product because eventually I will run out and why not already have it on hand at a reduced cost. The other night it had become cool out and I just wanted something lite for supper. I decided on my favorite soup; however when I went to the cupboard, there was none. This really surprised me because I remember buying a lot when it was on sale, not only that but it had been on sale again last week and I didn't buy any because I believed that I already had a shelf full. Sometimes I'm startled by that, does it mean anything or am I just getting older.

 I had been in the routine of buying my favorite products but I ran into the problem of being overwhelmed with trying to use everything before it expired. I then started to hold off until my supplies were low. I did it again this morning, I was in the store yesterday and this morning I am out of coffee. The reason is the same reverse thinking, I remember buying coffee on sale to have some extra on hand and so I ignored the sales of my brand of coffee yesterday. In my mind I saw extra jars in my cupboard, this morning reality says otherwise. I felt startled by this, does it mean something serious I secretly wonder to myself. I should say coffee is not that big of a deal to me like it is for some people, I sometimes like to have a cup in the morning and I like to have it on hand in case of guests but I never have it during the day.

 There is one thing I don't second guess about buying on sale, that's toilet paper. All you need to do is forget to buy it once and you don't make that mistake again, so I pick up a package every time I see it on sale. You will always remember forgetting it especially if the closest store only has the cheap no-name brands, that feels like sandpaper on your bottom! It's always better to have too much toilet paper than not enough. Hey I see another t-shirt slogan!


anne marie in philly said...

do you make a shopping list? when was the last time you took inventory on food items? spouse and I do this weekly for the shopping list, monthly for the freezer inventory. it helps me not to overbuy.

Deedles said...

I always make a shopping list. I always forget and leave the shopping list at home.
I forget a lot now. Balder Half always asks how I can remember what happened to me when I was three and can't remember what I was talking about five minutes ago. He's always trying to take advantage of my forgetfulness when he's feeling frisky (okay, horny) saying I promised stuff that I know I didn't! Sometimes I go along with it, most times I just roll my eyes.

Hmm, I was going to say something quite profound, but I forgot what it is.

Anonymous said...

I'd buy a lot of toilet paper and write notes on them so you don't forget. Worst case: you'd be ready for a No. 2 emergency at all times. ;-)

Christina said...

I honestly think you're as"normal" as the next person. I do things like this all the time!
I have no dementia in my history that I'm aware of and yet I'm always forgetting stuff.

I saw a very interesting documentary on the BBC about how our brains are soooooooo overloaded with images everywhere. Advertisements on the roadside, on tv etc. Compared to just a generation ago we have to process so much more and this results in us being distracted rather than forgetful.

My kids laugh at me for "overbuying" stuff. I currently have 13 jars of coffee in my cupboard.
I tell them that I'd be the last one standing in a famine so it's all good!

Mistress Maddie said...

Ha ha! I keep a shopping list too. The only things I buy more of one thing are staples like tooth paste, soap, washing detergent and like you said toilet paper. I currently have 26 rolls. When I comes to food I shop the market every two days. I like thing fresh like I like my men, what can I tell you.

Mistress Maddie said...

Christina- your right about the visual intake. As a extremely visual person some days my mind is goo. Im one to take every detail in in my surroundings.

Michael said...

I always make a shopping list on my phone. Back when I would make a paper list, I'd lose the list. I agree with Christina...I think what you are doing is normal. There is just too much stimuli that we deal with now!

rjjs8878 said...

A shopping list would be helpful but I never make one. I do make sure I never run out of toilet paper.