Saturday, October 28, 2017

Blue skies empty out.

We have been having some really nice fall weather lately. Even when a bit crisp out the sky is blue, the sun is bright and it lifts the spirit. Doing some last minute yard work, I also noticed how quiet things have become. Very rare to hear a bird now and certainly not a cricket or tree toad. Even the sky has emptied out, two weeks ago it was a highway for flocks of geese, ducks and a large flock of cranes. The leaves are mostly off here as well, only a few stubborn yellow or brown ones left. Sometimes a flock of stragglers will fly over, it's always a funny feeling for me in the fall. As I listen and watch the geese fly over, I have this feeling that I should be going with them, that I am being left behind. "Wait for me" I whisper to them. I'm not sure if I want to get away from something or I want to go towards something. Almost every fall now I have this restless feeling, like winter is coming, nature is going to sleep, time to move on. Maybe because I am entering the fall stage of my life and I am dreading the winter stage. ............................................The air is so still this evening, I like that, you could hear a pin drop but instead you hear the last remaining leaves falling, like someone dropping cards onto the forest floor. The geese didn't take me with them, they move on, soon they are out of sight. There is a mass migration of Canadians, most head for Florida to winter, some day I will join the herd and end up on a national geographic documentary, a guy will follow me with a camera as I eat, sleep and hopefully mate along the way. As for now I will stay behind.


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading your posts. I feel the same way about fall. Where I live the leaves are just starting to change and the sky and air are becoming crisper and clearer. There is a lot of symbolism in fall I think. I too am afraid of growing old. When I see old people in the grocery store I start to worry about the whole aging process. Wasted worry I guess. There is no alternative!


Sooo-this-is-me said...

Michael 54, and I enjoy your thoughtful comments. Yes the thoughts of aging scare me, I intend to post more on this to work through stuff in my head, then I will stop before I drive people away lol.