Monday, September 14, 2015

Sweetie, your daddy is a hottie!

We have plunged into fall weather over this weekend, I even lit a fire today in order to get that damp feeling out of the house. However the past two weeks were unusually hot, more like July weather and not September. One wonderful day on my way to be a corporate slave, I was watching the runners along the canal. Again, many were shirtless and I could see they were very very very healthy. One guy really caught my eye, he was so well defined, handsome, probably late twenties. The thing I found so cute was that he was a young daddy, out jogging with his baby, he had one of those special jogging strollers and he was going at a good clip. The other thing that made my day as the big smile on his face, ear to ear as he kept proudly looking down at his little bundle. ___________________________ Sometimes I feel so dirty but in situations like that I can't help thinking, out there is a really lucky woman who gets to have regular sex with that guy! I hope she appreciates what life gave her as a partner lol. Same at work, I can't tell you how many times some freaking hot guy will confess to me that his wife never wants to have sex. I shake my fist at the sky, yelling why why why. I quietly say under my breath, how it would be every day if I was their partner. I am a nester, I want the happy ever after, I am not into the drunk doing it in the woods with strangers kind of gay man. So if a cute man wanted to be with me, he would never have to sleep on the couch. Especially that hottie daddy jogging by me. Sorry I just don't feel like thinking too much, so my default is cute men.


Ur-spo said...

not a bad default, that.]

It is hard to imagine fire/coolness as the AC continues to roar
it is rumored we may get down below 70 soon !

RB said...

I often feel the same way. When I see a really hot guy with a girl on his arm, and think "she is so lucky!" To be in bed with that hunk every night.