Wednesday, August 12, 2015

O hot! O man! O dor?

Have you ever been out somewhere and you can't keep your eyes off of a particular guy. It could be a party, at the beach or even while shopping. Maybe they are not the best looking guy in the world but there is just something about him that pushes all the correct buttons, you feel that little shock in your stomach every time he walks near you. Now did that same guy ever do something that completely snapped you out of your lust trance. .............................................. Living in the country I often attend functions that are mostly male, lots and lots of cute farmers and country lads. Also I have to add, lots and lots of men who have spent too many hours sitting on their tractors and eating too much. The pot belly crowd, very much in fashion in the country. Anyway back to the cute ones. I happened to be at an auction and I noticed this really handsome young farmer. Tall blond, blue eyed, spoke french which is what probably gave him a good natural tan. True French Canadians have a little native blood in their ancestry, which often gives them a healthy tan in summer even if they have blond or red hair. Making for one fine looking young farmer with a sexy French accent. I was taken by this guy, couldn't help notice how his shirt would cling to his chest, his very well defined chest, made my day. ............................................. The auction finally came to an end and I went to pay for my purchases. My heart jumped when I stepped in line and who was in front of me but Mr. hottie guy! Oh so dreamy, so handsome, so, so, ummm so? Wait, what the heck is that awful smell? It's not the animals, I didn't step in anything, it's gross. I suddenly realized with horror, it's hottie guy! If you can imagine the sound of breaks screeching to a halt, is what I heard in my head regarding my attraction to him. ............................................ Yes he had been sweating a bit but that wasn't it. This was like a bad feet smell, but it wasn't his feet, it was his whole body, he was clean so it wasn't that he forgot to shower, and no, it wasn't a regular foot smell like you foot fetish people probably would enjoy (lol), it was a rotting sneakers soaked in cabbage with a hint of eau de deceased squirrel kind of smell. Fantasy destroyed, I stepped out of line letting others who were in a hurry go before me. Hopefully he gets a wife, or husband who corrects this little problem, since he was well dressed and clean cut I imagine appearances etc mean something to him, so he would probably actually be embarrassed if he knew about it. I am sure he is a really nice (although smelly) guy.


Ur-spo said...

don't you hate it when reality barges in on fantasy?

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Yes I hate it whaaaa! Lol. Like when some cute guy chats you up and it makes a guy wonder if there is a connection, when suddenly he says meet my wife and children! Happy to see you, hope you are feeling better now.

larrymuffin said...

Frankly the simple solution to that one is wash him, strip him naked and in the tub you go or the shower whatever and just scrub him clean. That should do the trick. This is free advice and I will not charge you a penny for it. Just call me helpful.