Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Busy Bloggers.

Many people who I have become blog buddies with, often say that they feel guilty about not writing in their blogs lately. Often time seems to have that way of turning a weekend into weeks into months and the next thing you realize that you have neglected your blog. I am here to tell you that this is a good thing. If life is getting in the way of your blog, then you are certainly doing something right. I find that I write when I am not getting myself out into the real world as much as I should be. Let's face it, if we are off meeting friends, having a room redecorated, going on a date, seeing a school play then we have no time for the virtual world and that is probably a lot healthier. ..............................Everyone just relax its not a job, its more like a hobby and your blog is "yours" write what you want, how you want and whenever you want. Don't let it become a chore and it will be easier to do. .............................. So keep living, if you write I will swing by to see what you are up to, I have enjoyed reconnecting to some of the old blog gang. And if you don't have time, then you probably have a real life so don't worry because you're doing fine lol!

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Ur-spo said...

Indeed. Whenever I 'have a life' viz. friends in from out of town or evening plans I end up with no time to blog. Despite continual reminders to myself this is a hobby/past time I feel I have to keep up lest the readers howl from sharpened famine for the loss. After 8 years of blogging this has never happened.