Friday, December 5, 2014

Life, picture perfect.

The last two nights have been picture perfect, the blue light of a full moon shining on new fallen snow, very Christmas card like. The air so still, it almost feels like an angel is about to speak. Looking at the sky, it is just filled with stars and the cold crispness, gives them the illusion of twinkling. Certainly helps to put a person in the holiday spirit. Nature can create a beauty far beyond what we try to create, no amount of Christmas lights or tinsel can give me that same sense of awe that I felt starring at the sky. Yes, life can be harsh at times, but life is good and we should grab those "wow" moments when we get the chance. In my strange way of thinking, I almost feel it's our duty, so as to honor the people no longer here or unable to live in those moments.

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